The photo of Enzo Amore at Staples Center Security Doors to ban WWE RAW attendance

adminNovember 20, 2018

WWE made sure that former wrestler Enzo Amore did not attempt to hijack another of his live events for the second consecutive night.

Amore, whose real name is Eric Arndt, posted his photo on security doors to ban his entry to Monday Night RAW at the Staples Center.

On Sunday, the former cruiserweight champion was escorted out of the same arena after attempting to kidnap the crowd at the WWE Survivors Series event.

The 29-year-old reportedly entered the arena with a disguise before revealing himself to the fans who attended. Reportedly, Amore tried to divert attention from the show by cutting a promotion and using several of his phrases, which resulted in being removed by a security guard and being escorted out of the building.

WWE security apparently also checked a fan wearing a wrestler's mask to make sure it was not Amore, according to a fan who attended.

Amore, who was sitting in front of the WWE camera, was revealed halfway through the show, but was not shown in the broadcast, as the incident occurred while WWE presented its international ad teams.

According to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the 29-year-old player met with WWE officials, the Staples security center and officers of the Los Angeles Police Department before being expelled from the arena and banned from returning.

It has been a memorable week for the former WWE cruiserweight champion. It was reported that Amore was fired from a plane after trying to vape on the plane and discussing with a flight attendant.

The former fighter acknowledged that incident after Sunday's tough test, tweeting: "apparently you can not vape inside the Staples Center."

But maybe Amore was there to cheer up his new rap album, "Rosemary's Baby Pt. 1: Happy Birthday," which debuted on iTunes on Sunday. Under the nickname, "nZo", the former wrestler released several songs, including one entitled "Liv a 30 for 30", which is presumed to be his ex-girlfriend, current RAW superstar Liv Morgan.

Apparently, Morgan responded to reports that Amore was seen and dragged out of the Staples Center, tweeting, "em ba ba brassrassing" during the event.

Amore was fired by WWE last February amid accusations of sexual assault. The Phoenix Police Department finally closed the case and no charges were filed against the former fighter.

The new Japan and independent wrestling star Will Ospreay criticized the former cruiserweight champion on Twitter, calling the incident "tragic."

"Imagine you used to work at Tesco," Ospreay tweeted. "Then you got fired from Tesco, then you get embarrassed at Tesco, then your security team will kick you out of Tesco.

"I really can not think of anything more tragic, maybe if you did it in front of 13,000 people on live television."

According to Alvarez, the security guard who arrested Amore was also responsible for accidentally retaining New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski at an angle with Jinder Mahal at WrestleMania 33.

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