The Palu family and the horrible stories! the latest developments in Turkey waved Palin's family event!

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Family abominations occurred in Palu Turkey in the last few days, speaking admit blood-filled. ATV monitors in the program presented by Muge Anlın in Palu family members in the live broadcast to the public froze the blood told. In the Palu family, bone fragments were found in the study of the allegations of murder, rape, torture and child abuse. Here is the story of the Palu family.

The allegations of the Palu family are frozen by Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert in ATV. The tuner Ustael, where all the events that take the family as a groom are arranged around them, has serious demands such as child abuse, rape and torture. In the case of the Palu family, it was a hot development. Excavations on the claim that the innocent bodies of Meryem Tanhal (35) and his daughter Melike Tanhal (8) who had disappeared 11 years ago in the Körfez district of Kocaeli province were buried in Tütünçiftlik's coast, found a bone fragment of 20 inches .


Mother Eve Palu reportedly helped the groom's grandmother Ustael, who killed his daughter and granddaughter. Tuner Ustael's brother's wife, Isa Palu, allegedly helped bacanak Ahmet's murder. Despite her bruises on her face, her husband, Emine Ustael, defends her husband in every environment, even on TV screens. Fatih Palu gives contradictory statements from the beginning.


Müge Anlı live broadcast tuner Ustael and the people who knew the Palu family. Expression of neighbors who had a telephone connection created a shock in the Müge Anlis studio. Mary Tahnal lived with the family in a wreck 10 years ago because of threats from her husband who was killed by her father. One night we left the car to fix the need for a toilet. Then he mysteriously disappeared. Meryem Tahnal, 32, lost his mystery while the news appeared on January 3, Müge Anlı live broadcast.

While Terrier Ustael feared, Müge Anlı shared the live news, while her mother and daughter were allegedly buried on the spot where Kocaeli Security Teams launched a search for the cadaver dog Melo. fantasies. The tuner Ustael, who claimed rape his sister-in-law, his own children and nephews in front of his wife, who constantly tortured and frightened the demons, had allegedly had lively men and nephews.

In 2006, Maria returned to her father's home in Izmit and said her husband had sold him. However, she did not leave her husband, Mary. From time to time the police seized and ended the debate with a disastrous end. Meryem Hanim's father, Harun Palu, killed his son-in-law. She was sentenced to seven years in prison for the murder she committed.

Relatives of the murdered wife after the murder, Maria and her family went after. Meryem Hanım started living in a service cart with her child and four family members. The family members who were relocated did not want in any way.

When calendars appeared in December 2008, 32-year-old Meryem Tahnal left his service wagon. Then he disappeared. For 10 years no one has ever seen a mother of two children. One year after Meryem's disappearance, Melike's daughter Melike was received by her uncle Halit Tahnal. Melike's 9th year, however, cannot be heard.

The father of Harun and his mother Havva Palu who live in a scrap car in the Tütünçiftlik district of the Kafeli district of Kocaeli, were placed in the Kocaeli municipality's house by notice of the residents.
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The Palu family blames the Tahnal family for the losses and for a number of incidents.

There are two kinds of kinship between Palular and Tahnallar.

Emine, Eve Palu's sister, is married to a member of the Tahnal family.

The other connection is that the lost Maria is married to her aunt Emine Tahnal's male brother. However, Mary's wife was killed in 2008 by her father Harun Palu.

The Palu family claims that Mary was lost in 2008 and Melike, who has not been heard from her since 2009, is with members of the Tahnal family.

The Palu family also claims that the Tahnal family has been involved in a number of crimes such as organ mafia, murder and child abduction.

Emine Tahnal, who participates in the program, rejects all claims against her and her husband's family.

Emine Tahnal says the sister and nephews aren't "mentally unstable" and she hasn't met for a long time.


Kocaeli Provincial Security Directorate on the claim last week on Friday, cadaver dogs "Melon" and "Tina" worked with the region. The excavation work continued today. A 20-centimeter leg was found during excavation with construction machinery.

About 25 meters in the excavated bones, the policemen were sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute to be investigated by crime studies. If the bone belongs to a person or an animal, it will be revealed by examination. Excavations in the region continue.

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