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Avengers 4 executive producer Michael Grillo has confirmed that Tilda Swinton will once again play his role as Ancient One in Marvel's blockbuster next year. Since the character died in 2016 Strange doctor, this is just the latest evidence that Avengers 4 It will involve time travel or more flashback sequences.

Avengers 4 It is perhaps the most mysterious Marvel movie to date. Marvel Studios has done everything possible so that viewers do not know what to expect from the film; even Avengers 4The title is a very well kept secret. But, despite Marvel's best efforts, there have been long-standing rumors that the film would involve time travel, with some classic MCU actors repeating their roles. Two names have been consistently mentioned by the rumor mill; The crossbones of Frank Grillo, and Tilda Swinton, the old one.

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The old one has finally been confirmed. The Austin Film Festival included the panel, The Writer / Producer Relationship, and Avengers 4 Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were present along with executive producer Michael Grillo. According to SuperBroMovies, they discussed the logistical nightmare of scheduling the filming of their movie around so many A-list actors. In addition, Grillo accidentally confirmed that Tilda Swinton was involved in the production of box office success. "When we got Tilda Swinton, I only had a 1 day availability,"I observe.

For a long time it seemed certain that Avengers 4 It is a kind of time travel movie, with the surviving Avengers traveling in time to rewrite history and avoid Thanos' triumph. The way in which they intend to achieve this is still uncertain, but clearly involves reviewing the events in which the Infinite Stones were present; there is already strong evidence that Avengers 4 it implies to visit again The Avengers Y Guardians of the Galaxy. Presumably, the time travelers will also go to Kamar Taj to meet the Elder, who before his death was the guardian of the Stone of Time.

Since the Elder had studied the Stone of Time for many years, she probably understood the nature of time better than anyone else in the history of the MCU. It should be a useful ally for the Avengers, able to help explain how temporary mechanics work in the MCU and how they can succeed in their goal of avoiding the blow. However, it is important to keep in mind that the fact that Swinton was only necessary on the set for one day suggests that his role will not involve a substantial amount of time on the screen.

Avengers 4 It is sure to be an appropriate end to the first three phases of the MCU. It is clearly thought of as a love letter to the franchise, based on innumerable concepts and established ideas, and using time travel to revisit places and key people in the shared film universe. It will not be long before the commercialization of the film begins, so it is not surprising that Marvel begins the opening of the film.

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Source: SuperBroMovies

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