The news came afterwards: Here are places where the schools are vacation

adminJanuary 7, 2019

The news of the snow breaks from the governments one by one. In the statements of governments to thousands of students' eyes. Due to heavy snowfall and cold weather, the provinces and districts where the training is interrupted are as follows;


In the Yenice district of Canakkale, due to heavy snowfall, the training was suspended in primary and secondary schools until tomorrow.

Yenice & # 39; s effective for 3 days due to heavy snowfall in the County Education Directorate, all primary and secondary schools throughout Yenice announced that a break in education tomorrow. Meteorological officials warned against adverse weather conditions to be cautious.


In Balıkesir's Manyas district, all primary schools were on holiday for one day due to heavy snowfall.

Manyas District Governor's Office said in a statement, ç Because of the great snowfall during Manya's influence, all schools in our district were suspended Tuesday, January 8, for one day of education.


Due to the snow falling in the city of Adiyaman Sincik district and some of the village schools were connected. For a few days because of the snowfall in all the schools in the center of the Sincik district and the district of Alancık, Yarpuzlu, Chios, Serince, Balkaya and Pınarbaşi, the primary school in the villages was one day's holiday. The schools were announced on Tuesday, January 8th.


The Governorate of Ağrı declared that the village schools connected to the city center which provided education for the transport system were on holiday tomorrow. In the statement by the Governor of Ağrı, ime In order not to cause any negativity due to excessive ambiguity in our village roads, our students have been suspended for a day Tuesday, January 8, for the education and training of village schools within the framework of the transportation performed by our governorate in Ağrı.


Bitlis, due to heavy snowfall in the city center and the center of the villages of the villages for a day 1 day, while public institutions and organizations working in pregnant and disabled people will be considered as administrative leave.

Bitlis Governorate said: süre According to meteorological data, we expected to continue this night and tomorrow throughout our town due to heavy snowfall in the center of Bitlis and all the villages connected to downtown to live Tuesday, January 8, for a day of training and training was suspended. On the other hand, it has been decided that pregnant and disabled personnel working in public institutions and organizations should be regarded as administrative leave on Tuesday, 8 January.


Due to the effective snowfall in Bingöl, schools in four districts were vacationed for one day. Bingöl Governor 's Office said in a statement 19 As a result of the evaluation conducted on the basis of meteorological data to prevent our students from living in the first and secondary schools in our district, Karlayova, Yayladere, Yedisu and Adaklı became 08.01.2019 suspended on Tuesday for a training day, the statement said.


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