The new Happy Day millionaire is set

adminDecember 28, 2018

Swisslo's spokesman Willy Messmer, Herbert Grönemeyer and Röbi Koller (from the left) in a tie for "Happy Day" millionaire feature, which went wrong. In the background: the name of the rightful winner Kurt Huber.

In the last "Happy Day" issue, a contestant was named a millionaire who was not eligible to play due to a breakdown. The error has now been corrected.

Shortly before 11 am, Kurt Huber, 85, from Sissach BL got the good news: he is the rightful owner of Million, who was turned off in the "Happy Day" issue on December 22. The senior was informed accordingly by Swisslos. "Mr Huber was very happy that break was happy for him, ”says Willy Messmer, spokesman for Swisslos, at" Look ".

The winner is Andreas Bürkli from Zurich. He was called a millionaire in the aforementioned program, but was actually not eligible to participate. His party had been misplaced in the plot drum after the drawing had to be done manually due to technical problems.

The lucky and legitimate new winner will, among other things, use the money to fund a project in Romania.

The "Happy Day" problem with the raffle ticket ran on SRF 1 at 8.10 on Saturday 22 December. With Swisscom TV Replay you can watch the program up to seven days after the broadcast.

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