The Netflix Marie Kondo series inspires the internet to come clean

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Final guru Marie Kondo went from the best-selling author to the streaming series star when her Netflix show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, was launched globally on January 1st.

In the show, Kondo brings its organizational skills to the lives of families who really need it. And it turns out that many viewers were inspired by the work of perhaps bringing the KonMari method into their own fairs. Kondo's special way of folding clothes got particular attention from many.

Kondo is known to encourage people to keep only objects that spark joy, and to refuse objects before they knock them out. "Marie Kondo has spoken," Madeleine Roux wrote. "If you come into my home and don't spark joy, I'll throw you in the trash."

Not everyone loved the idea of ​​creating more garbage, although it temporarily decluttered a home.

Although donation is an option. "Marie Kondo is a fictional character created by Goodwill Industries to make me donate half of everything I own," one guy wrote.

Who can be a Kondo fan? What about Thanos himself? After all, the Avengers villain: Infinity War fame, turned to earth.

However, some people are determined to never change. "I lay down to clean up with Marie Kondo," a Twitter user caption a picture of a woman resting on a giant messy pile of things.

Some found the whole phenomenon quite funny. "How ironic that there are suddenly far more Marie Kondo jokes than necessary" wrote a Twitter user.

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