The net laughs at "The Helene Fischer Show"

adminDecember 30, 2018

Although Florian Silbereisen could not be seen on the show, he is ubiquitous online. A fan tweeted melancholy: "Helene talks about her relationship. […] My heart? Broken. #HeleneFischerShow "Another spectator wondered," What does Flori do now? Ride the roller coaster? Drive on the highway with 300? Do you pull around the houses in torn jeans? #HeleneFischerShow ".

But even a small Häme resonates, as with this Twitter user: "Florian sits on the couch and looks at his Helene tattoo. #HeleneFischerShow". And this spectator notes: "The relationship with Olaf Schubert just after the separation from Silbereisen Exactly my humor #HeleneFischerShow". The two have recreated a date on the stage in a restaurant, talked about the relationship between comedian Olaf Schubert (51) and in their conversation always passages that correspond to love songs.

Towards the end of the song, Helene Fischer sings from the song "I love life" by Vicky Leandros (66): "No, do not worry about me, you know, I love life, and sometimes I also cry for you It will pass, surely . "A hidden message to its fans? This Twitter user saw the whole thing a bit critical: "Helene mocking the silver ride? #HeleneFischerShow". With the perfect separation of the former dream couple, this seems almost unthinkable.

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