The NBC was "too tough" on Axing Megyn Kelly, let's say that 45 percent of Americans

adminOctober 30, 2018

11:37 AM PDT 10/30/2018


Jeremy Barr

26 percent of respondents surveyed in a Hollywood Reporter / Morning Consult survey believe the network's response was appropriate.

It may not be a great consolation for Megyn Kelly, but more Americans than not (45 percent vs. 26 percent) say that NBC's decision to cut the television show was a "too hard" punishment for their comments on the black face last week.

Still, despite the sympathy that many Americans may have for her, only 21 percent have a favorable opinion of the former Fox News star. The same number of people have a "very unfavorable" view of it. These findings come from a new Hollywood Reporter/ Morning Consult survey conducted with a nationally representative sample of 2,201 adults.

Kelly is considered much less charitable than her current employer (but soon to be her former employer), NBC, which more than half (56 percent) has a somewhat favorable or very favorable vision. Surprisingly, about 18 percent of Americans say they've never heard of Kelly, who spent 13 years on Fox News and became a household name after President Donald Trump began attacking her during her presidential campaign.

While Kelly's comments about Blackface, made during her show on October 23, catalyzed the cancellation of her Megyn Kelly today Granted, 48 percent of Americans say the comments did not change their opinion about her. 14 percent say that the comments made them like it better, while 25 percent said they liked it less.

NBC's decision to terminate Kelly's program after its comments makes "no difference" in the way the network is viewed by a plurality of respondents, 41 percent, while only 17 percent say that now go to the network more favorably.

While Kelly's comments were a major scandal in the media, more than 40 percent of Americans say they have heard "not much" or nothing about Kelly recently. It is true that 66 percent of Americans say that the coverage they have seen of Kelly has been "mostly negative." A plurality of Americans (42 percent) believe that NBC's coverage has been neutral.

The survey was conducted on October 25 and October 26, two and three days after their comments and in the middle of the violent reaction that was derived from them.

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