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adminOctober 12, 2018

Charli XCX and Troye Sivan broke all the iconic music videos of the 90s in a long tribute to their new song, "1999". Watch the singers posing as Justin Timberlake, the Spice Girls, and many more!

Are you ready for an explosion in the past? Charli XCX, 26, and Troye Sivan, 23, started by releasing almost all the pop culture references of the 90s in their "1999" music video, and the most costume changes we've seen. At the beginning of the video, published on October 11, a modern Charli gets into his Lyft. The simulation deforms on his iPhone and blows up the singer, transformed into the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs! From there, Charli and Troye recreate the most legendary music videos of the Tamagotchis decade: TLC & # 39; s "Waterfalls", the Spice Girls' "Say you will be there," From Eminem "The Real Slim Shady", the Backstreet Boys & # 39; "I want it that way" and NSYNC & # 39; s "Thinking of you (I lead myself)". Check out the music video photos in our gallery above!

The collaborators not only falsified music videos, but also made fun of the classic cult films: The Titanic, The Blair Witch Project, American Beauty Y Matrix. Skechers, a Nokia 3310 and the Sims Video games were among other winks in the past era. Pop stars could mix so many actions related to the 90s in their music video thanks to deepfakes … yes, the same computer program used for adult movies. "When you start thinking about the complexity of having them in and out of the costumes and makeup for each of those characters, it would take five times more," Ryan Staakes, the director of the music video said The edge. "Then, in a way, it was a pragmatic solution. But then, we also started to play with the extravagance and aesthetics of it. It's one of those things where part of the emotion is trying to see if it works. Like, can we use this weird tool of false pornography in a legitimate music video?

The answer, we assume, is yes. Charli and Troye released "1999" on October 5, six days before the release of the music video. A famous group in particular appreciated the massive tribute of pop culture: the Backstreet Boys! They returned the love to Twitter immediately after the release of the video. "Well done @troyesivan @charli_xcx That definitely took us back to 1999", the Backstreet Boys tweeted. "Come visit our residence in Las Vegas for the full experience, we would love to have you!"

Now, press the play button, sit down and get ready to say Oh, I remember it! Can you capture all the references?

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