The most viral! These 10 videos affected in 2018

adminDecember 27, 2018

2018 was filled with viral videos with dances, challenges and surprises that entertained all Internet users, who also added the viral videos with tags and interesting challenges that everyone enjoyed on the nights.

Social networks were full of laughter, fun and even sadness Sherly Rubio, which became viral after posting a video that expresses its annoyance with its ex-partner, the singer Lasso.

The artists created labels with their own dance challenges and other activities that were the case Nicky Jam and J Balvin who created "The X Challenge" with hashtags #XChallenge to put all their followers on social networks to dance with their famous song & # 39; X & # 39;

On the other hand, famous singer Drake with his theme In my feelings He took Instagram with the Kiki Challenge, where people register and dance & # 39; In My Feelings & # 39; next to a moving vehicle.

The challenge Kiki Challenge arose from the American comedian and comedian shiggy record a video that dances the song to Drake and became viral on social networks with the participation of iconic celebrities like Will Smith, The Real Madrid player Marcelo Thalia, among other artists who came up with the viral challenge.

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