The most anticipated films in 2019

adminDecember 28, 2018

The new Quentin Tarantino and debut of Martin Scorsese on Netflix, as well as the new parts of the sagas such as "Avengers" and "Star Wars" are on the list of the most anticipated.

The tenth feature film of Tarantino, "Once upon a time in Hollywood", and the first of Scorsese for Netflix, "The Irishman", leads the most anticipated titles in 2019, along with sagas like "Avengers: Endgame"or" Star Wars IX "or the new one by Pedro Almodóvar. (It may interest you: Movies like Disney will release in 2019).

January begins strong with "vice", a political comedy about former US vice president Dick Cheney with Christian Bale and favorite of the Golden Globes;"Destroyer"with Nicole Kidman as a detective, or"glass"as M. Night Shyamalan closes his supernatural trilogy.

Another of the most anticipated titles will also be early birds. "The mule", the last work in Clint Eastwood will be released from January around the world. At 88, Eastwood is at the bottom of the cannon and now heads and stars in the story of an octogenarian ferry crossing to get out of his financial hardship, a trip accompanied by Bradley Cooper or Taissa Farmiga.

while Saoirse Ronan ("Lady Bird") and Margot Robbie ("Yo, Tonya") gives life to Mary Stuart of Scotland and her cousin Elizabeth I of England in "Mary Queen of Scots", a new movie adaptation of the regent's unusual life that also immortalized John Ford in 1936, with the help of Katharine Hepburn.

March is the month of the female version of "Captain Marvel". The Oscar Brie Larson She puts on a superhero costume in this movie that dates back to the origins of the characters, in the 90's, an outstanding period in the Marvel universe.

And from "Dumbo", the imagination to Tim Burton At the service of the Disney classic, the giant elephant starring in the circus. The animal, recreated by the computer, lives with Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Michael Keaton or Danny DeVito.

also Almodóvar has chosen March for the launch of "Pain and honor"a movie that will bring together Antonio Banderas, Asier Etxeandía, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Penélope Cruz to tell the story of a film director in low hours.

At the end of April, the fourth and final installment of the Avengers comes. Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America and Thor resume in the "Endgame" action at the point where it was in the dramatic result of "Infinity War."

And already in May, Neil Marshall starts the saga "Hellboy", the red demon, in a delivery that promises to be more raw than Guillermo del Toro.

If 2018 was the year of Freddie Mercury ("Bohemian Rhapsody"), 2019 will be the year before Elton John. Taron Egerton will jump on the screens like the British singer and composer in "Rocket Man".

Brad Pitt, Tomy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland meet in "Ad Astra"A story of an autistic engineer who, 20 years after his father left him to begin a mission to Neptune, decides to travel in his search.

After several delays, it is expected in June that the new installation of X-Men comes, "Dark Phoenix", which takes place a decade after "Apocalypse".

In August, the new Quentin Tarantino comes, "Once in Hollywood"in the film industry at the end of the 60s and the impact caused by the murder of actor Sharon Tate in the hands of the sect led by Charles Manson Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, Kurt Russell or Tim Roth participate in the film.

More uncertain is the date and modality of the premiere of "Irish man"movie there Martin Scorsese reconstructs Al Pacino and Robert de Niro. It is manufactured by Netflix and has an estimated budget of over $ 140 million.

For the last four months of the year it is reserved "That: Chapter Two", the second section of the saga of the scary clown Stephen King draws out, and Joaquin Phoenix takes over from Heath Ledger and Jared Leto as Jocker, actor DC Comics, in a movie dedicated to this character, and who has robbed Robert de Niro .

But if it is an expected title in 2019, the ninth episode of "Star Wars" is still without official title, and it is the conclusion of the new trilogy launched by J.J.Abrams.

After the mediocre result this year, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Disney hopes to restore the interest in the star story with this new title on the main line of story, which remains with Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Mark Hamill, Oscar Isaac or John Boyega, as well as with pictures of the late Carrie Fisher through the recording track for "The Force Awakens" (2015) that was never used.

And for the family cinema, titles like "Toy Story 4" come in theatersHow to train your dragon: The hidden world", the new version of" The Lion King "," The Lego Movie 2 "or" Pokémon Detective Pikachu ", pronounced by Ryan Reynolds.

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