The message Freddie Mercury sent to Elton John

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Elton John, British singer, told an anecdote in his book Love is cure about the central vocalist of the English band Queen, Freddie Mercury, who highlighted a very special feature of his personality.

It turns out that the two were very good friends, and once they played nicknames for their alter ego Wear Queens, male singers acting in women's attire. Mercury gave him the nickname of Sharon, and John gave him Melina, outlined Infobae.

Time went by and Melina, who suffered from AIDS, could not take it anymore and died November 24, 1991. The British singer was destroyed by the news, so much so that he claims to have called for several weeks after the incident.

Christmas night came the same year, and a person knocked on Elton John's door. A friend gave him something in a pillow, it was a painting by Henry Scott Tuke, a British painter of whom he was a fanatic.

Attached to Christmas Day was a note that read, "Dear Sharon, I thought you would like this. With love, Melina. Merry Christmas."

With information from Infobae.

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