The meeting of Kanye West and Trump White House covers everything from mental health to "male energy"

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On Thursday it was an afternoon to scratch his head at the White House when rapper Kanye West and many of his opinions descended on 1600 Penn. to discuss everything from North Korea to bipolar disorder with its "brother "of the president trump.

With his now distinctive hat "Make America Great Again", West made his first trip to the executive mansion to move the needle on several issues close to his heart and, before eliminating it, its content on social networks, including the reform of prison, gang violence and his hometown of Chicago.

With West sitting in front of him at the famous Resolute Desk, Trump began the Oval Office meeting, which also included Professional Football Hall of Fame member Jim Brown and Trump's son-in-law and principal advisor Jared Kushner, saying the administration has been "keeping our promises".

West replied: "I like North Korea."

Trump went on to explain that the United States had "turned to war" with North Korea and that his government had stopped the war and "saved millions of lives." According to Trump, President Barack Obama told him that North Korea was one of the country's biggest problems.

West was impressed. "The first day, he solved one of his biggest problems," said the rapper. "We solved one of the biggest problems."

With that, West launched a speech of almost 10 minutes that the rapper said it was "soul", according to reports from the White House group.

The serpentine soliloquy slipped from the personal to the political. West described the president's work on criminal justice reform (a topic championed by his wife, Kim Kardashian, during his own visits to Trump) "bravery." He said that he was recommended not to wear his MAGA hat, although he did not specify it. who: "They tried to scare me so I would not wear this hat." He commented on his childhood. "My dad and mom separated, so there was not much masculine energy in my home and I'm also married to a family where, you know, there's not much masculine energy, but it's beautiful." He said Trump had given him (we assume metaphorically) "a layer of Superman" to help do good.

West also had some clarifications about his mental health, a hot topic after his appearance on "Saturday Night Live" on September 30. After the show aired, the rapper continued to talk with the cast and audience about random topics that were captured on social networks, including welfare conspiracies, racism and being harassed by his choice of hat. West has spoken before about his bipolar disorder, but he told Trump on Thursday that it was a misdiagnosis and that, on the other hand, he is sleep deprived.

West, who received harsh criticism for suggesting that slavery was an "election," also told Trump that "we have to release love." [throughout] the country . . . We do not have reparations, but we have the 13th Amendment. "

The rapper referred to his own Oval Office work as "a good wine," adding that "he has complex notes."

When his monologue finally ended, it was Trump's turn to say something.

"I tell you what, that was pretty impressive," Trump said. "That was something pretty."

The president added that West could "speak for me at any time he wants." He is a smart cookie. He gets it. "

When a reporter asked him if West, who had mocked a presidential candidacy in the past, was a viable candidate for commander-in-chief, Trump said the rapper "could be very good." But West himself had a warning: "Only after 2024." . "

West continued: "Let's stop worrying about the future, all we have today is … Trump is on his hero's journey right now, he might not have thought he would have a crazy mother, like [me]. "

The couple posed for photos and West, who did not cast a vote in the 2016 presidential election but who has been a vocal supporter of Trump, embraced the president.

"I love this guy here", West He said.


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