The Marvel fan claims to have had the idea of ​​& # 39; Once Upon a Deadpool & # 39; last year

adminNovember 22, 2018

At first the idea of ​​a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 could have soured the fans, but that first trailer of Once Upon a Deadpool It must alleviate some fears. The concept of Merc & # 39; With the Mouth abducting Fred Savage and representing him again. The princess Bride it is too good

It's so good that someone else came up with the idea a year ago.

The writer and artist Michael Vincent Bramley published on the possible purchase of Disney by Fox when the news began to circulate last December. While he was not a fan of Fox's mature X-Men movies, he was possibly forced to return to the PG-13 standards, he did publish his idea of ​​a potential dead Pool Film, and the similarities seem to be more than simple coincidences.

Now that the first trailer of Once Upon a Deadpool is out, which shows that the film is basically the same concept that Bramley launched to star Ryan Reynolds himself last December, and points out that his ideas were being used, and that he might not be getting the credit he deserves.

Bramley does not seem angry about the whole test, as he does not threaten to sue or demand that his name be included in the film. But he is requesting some recognition for launching the plot that the fans will see when the PG-13 cut Deadpool 2 arrives at the theaters.

And, of course, doing a recognition would be totally in line with the Deadpool franchise, which likes to make fun of itself as well as any other reference of superheroes and pop culture. Having a sequence of credits mentioning that the story is based on "a guy on the Internet" would be in sync with Rob Liefield's joke of the opening sequence of the first movie.

Once Upon a Deadpool He came out of left field and it was a surprising change for 20th Century Fox's winter board. X-Men franchise producer Simon Kinberg spoke with Collider about the film, and credited Reynolds with keeping it a secret.

"Ryan Reynolds and his studio, but I'll give credit to Ryan Reynolds more than anyone else, it's extraordinary when it comes to figuring out ways to get around the system," Kinberg said. "And be smart, both in terms of getting attention when it comes to viral things and in terms of diverting attention when it comes to something like this, in the same way that Beyonce and Kanye can leave an album out of the blue, Ryan gets he realized, a way to leave a movie out of nothing ".

We hope we discover how Reynolds and 20th Century Fox respond to Bramley's claims very soon.

Once Upon a Deadpool It opens in cinemas on December 21.

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