The Mandalorian weapon is inspired by a Christmas special

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A weapon of The Mandalorian seems to be inspired by the Star Wars Special holiday. the Star Wars The franchise has experienced its fair share of ups and downs in the last four decades, but arguably its lowest point was the initial broadcast of the Holiday Special. Launched in 1978 to capitalize on the overwhelming popularity of A new hopeThe program was widely mocked for its disconcerting history and its poor production value. His reception is so bad that even George Lucas admitted that it was a mistake, claiming it was a learning experience for him.

Despite all its faults (and there are many), the Holiday Special was notable for marking the first appearance on the screen of Boba Fett, the favorite bounty hunter of fans who would make his theatrical debut in The Empire Strikes Back. Many consider the animated segment the highlight, and it seems that Jon Favreau is a fan of Boba's caricature, if a new accessory of The Mandalorian it's something to spend

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Favreau went to Instagram to share a photo of a weapon that will be featured in the upcoming live-action television series. the Talking Bay 94 The Twitter account recognized him in the Holiday Special and published two images side by side. In addition, an Instagram publication by Favreau revealed a proposal for The Empire Strikes Back (resembling an ice cream maker of 1980) will also be presented. Check it in the space below:

Since it was acquired by Disney and gave a great reboot to the expanded universe, the Lucasfilm history group has not been afraid to draw from the depths of Legends the material of the latest films and publications (see Single for a good example). So, from a certain point of view, it is not entirely shocking that Favreau would look for inspiration in the Holiday Special. This is not the first time that Lucasfilm officially canonizes an aspect of the Holiday Special. the Aftermath The novels revealed that Chewbacca has a family, with a son named Lumpawaroo (Lumpy) and his wife Mallatobuck (Malla). While no one should expect the studio to become a canon of the Holiday Special, it is interesting that they are willing to draw from all corners of the franchise's past if that means having a better story. In all likelihood, The Mandalorian it will not have space dinosaurs, but it is not known what else will happen to Favreau and his team.

It is worth noting that although this weapon physically resembles Bob's of his Holiday Special, it does not necessarily mean that it is exactly the same. There could be some subtle differences between the two, such as how it works or how powerful it is. Most likely, it's close to Holiday Special (Canon's Thrawn, except for the period of time, it's a close replica of the old EU), but fans will just have to wait and see.

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