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adminDecember 30, 2018

Sacrifice Condition Sacrifice died on Saturday in Medellin, Carlos Sánchez Jaramillo, the man who for 37 years (1969 – 2006) personified and became famous in the world of Juan Valdez, the symbol of thousands of Colombian coffee-makers.

Born 1935 in Fredonia municipality (southwest of Antioquia) It was not just the other man who showed the symbol of Colombian coffee, but also the one who has worn the most traditional white pants, wearing the poncho, the aguadeño hat and the career which characterizes the farmer of Antioquia and the coffee farm in the country, mainly.

The first Juan Valdez was played by José Duval, a Cuban actor, while Carlos Castañeda, coffee maker from the Andean (Antioquia), is the one in that role today, after Sánchez Jaramillo retired in 2006.

After knowing the death of this iconic man, Roberto Vélez Vallejo, head of the National Federation of Coffee Growers, wrote on the unit's Twitter: "We were Carlos Sánchez. His whole life proudly represents the character of Juan Valdez around the world. A tribute to his memory and an eternal gratitude from coffee growers in Colombia for their devotion and hard work for the benefit of the Colombian producers. "

The National Federation of Coffee Masters (FNC) and the Antioquia Coffee Maker's Institute Committee issued a statement complaining of the deaths of the interpreters and expressing their condolences to his wife, Alma Cataño and other relatives, arranging a private funeral to give him a final farewell.

After leaving the representatives of the country's coffee mills, Sánchez Jaramillo settled with his wife, two children and two grandchildren in the town of Medellín and dedicated himself to watercolor painting, one of the little facets known.

The character of Juan Valdez will be 60 in 2019, as it was designed in 1959 by the advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) on behalf of FNC itselfwho had in mind to create a mark that symbolized both the Colombian families dedicated to the cultivation of grain, but of the entire coffee industry in the country that passed, perhaps for its best moment in the history of the 60s.

For decades, this character has been around the world where the Federation performs the campaign of Colombian coffee and has sales outlets, of which over 5,500 are distributed in around 25 countries.

Always accompanied by his inseparable mule Conchita, Juan Valdez – incarnated by Carlos Sánchez, at that time – made his first appearance on national television in 1983. In 2005, it was selected from 26 participants, as the main advertising icon in the United States within the framework of advertising week (advertising week) in New York.


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