The Maison Margiela dress by Cate Blanchett is designed for the red light bulbs of the red carpet

adminOctober 20, 2018

The designer John Galliano is not known for sticking to conventions. At Maison Margiela, he has masterfully continued with the experimental spirit of the label, where his collections have offered unexpected pieces, such as sleeping bag sleeves and self-made stick shoes. When it comes time to design for the red carpet, Galliano naturally moves away from the traditional dresses of old Hollywood. Last night, she debuted with a tailor-made dress for actress Cate Blanchett, who attended a screening of her new film. The house with a clock on its walls. at the Rome Film Festival, and you could say that his creation was, well, intelligent suitable for the location.

On the red carpet, Blanchett wore a Maison Margiela handmade black black satin dress, and finished with a pleated Chantilly lace cape. On the sleeveless silhouette, Galliano applied a thin layer of iridescent film on the front, which reflected the light of the paparazzi flashes and changed the colors along the step and repeated. You could say that it had a great premiere in mind during its creation process. Under her dress, Blanchett used the Mary Jane platforms to increase the height and then accessories with minimal jewelry. After all, when you have a dress that changes shape by itself, you do not need much more.

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