The Louvre will launch free nights at the museum

adminNovember 28, 2018

The Louvre, the most visited museum in the world, will be performing this year and offer from January one free night the first Saturday of each month to diversify the public, announced Wednesday its direction.

In view of attendance numbers at the end of November, the museum is expected to reach 10 million visitors by the end of the year, and hits annual record recordings in 2012 with 9.7 million visitors, according to management, confirming a figure of the Parisian.

By 2017, the Louvre recorded a sharp increase in the meeting (after 2016 down after the attacks of 2015 in Paris) and welcomed 8.1 million visitors. With the Louvre lens, 8.5 million visitors have admired the collections in 2017.

This coming post comes with the announcement of the launch of a free night each month, with various fun activities, with the ambition to open up to a new, more popular audience, besides the regular and foreign tourists.

This new offer, from January 5, will primarily target the people of Ile-de-France, but also young people and families with good children and teenagers. It is also offered to holders of the Cultural Pass, developed by the Ministry of Culture for Youth.

The goal is that "this evening is a real boost for the democratization of the Louvre," the museum said in a statement.

These twelve evenings from 18:00 to 21:45 (local time) replace the first six free Sundays from October to March, the formula is abandoned, lack of success, free Sunday has not attracted those who do not come from usual.

"The number of national visitors who came to the Louvre for the first time went down on these free Sundays, while the attendance of foreign visitors increased significantly, especially at the initiative of tourist agencies that took advantage of this fallout effect," says Louvre.

"The popular categories have not been more numbers on free Sundays: it's 16% of workers on free Sundays," according to a barometer of the Public Louvre.

The museum will propose to freely visit the wings Denon and Sully. The Richelieu wing will be free, but only available when ordering. At the heart of oriental antique collections, more activities will be offered to visitors.

In 2019, a test year will be made, both about the choice of time slots and the animations offered.

On Marly's courtyard, the first night of January 5, a board game area and a reading room will be placed between two sculptures. Brass orchestras, stories, sketchhouses, unexpected presentations of works, treasure hunt will complete the discovery of collections of families.

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