The legendary Scooter celebrates twenty-five in the spring of Bratislava

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fb event bratislava2 676x354BRATISLAVA November 26, 2018 (WBN / PR) – 25 years is the best age! And also the best time to go to Bratislava for a party! Be yours 100% SCOOTER – 25 YEARS WILD & WICKED Tour The legendary band stops for the first time in Hant Aréna in Bratislava to celebrate five and five on March 23, 2019 with its Slovak fans. Scooter loosens it, and in that amazing show, all the hits that H. P. Baxxter and his two teammates' charismatic shots were put into the ears and legs of the enthusiastic fans heard. Hyper Hyper, Fire, How Much Is The Fish ?, Ramp! (The Logical Song), Nessaja, Maria (I like it high) or move your husband! They will sing along with those who have had the whole quarter with one of the most successful European bands ever in the dance and electronic scene.

"I'm excited to be able to go to Bratislava for so long," says H.P. Baxxter, a front man, with a smile: "Hyper Hyper Wicked will surely be Hyper Hyper and I think we really get it! The last time we went to Bratislava in the late 90's and it was great. We look forward to a Another great independent show, where together with fans we celebrate the 25th anniversary. Scooter is in strong shape and we go through our entire career at the concert and it will surely play all the biggest hits. "

Since the release of the ACE album, which appeared in Bohemia two years ago, no Scooter has started. Last year's Scooter Forever came out, and before Christmas surprised by the original adaptation of Scottish hits on the 100% Scooter Piano Only album one of the most interesting German classical pianists of the young generation – Olga Scheps.

24 hits in the top ten, 30 million sold cars and 90 gold and platinum albums for sale. Thousands of concerts around the world, tens of thousands of fans, have kept energy and refined shows using state-of-the-art techniques. Last but not least, humor and supremacy, the ability to sebaironi, all that Scooter has had the whole world in a quarter of a century.

CAREFUL! The concert of 100% SCOOTER – 25 YEARS WILD & WICKED will turn the band to NTC Arena Bratislava due to high fans of fans! The date remains unchanged, Saturday 23 March 2019 starts at 7 pm As a special guest, the Slovak DJ DJ Mark VOSS, who has recently dominated a talent contest in the world music publishing house, is the precursor. The gate opens at 18.00!

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The scooter was based on the synthate band Celebrate the Nun, where in 1986 Hannaer H.P. Baxxter (by Hans Peter Geerdes) and Rick J. Jordan. In 1989, they met in Hamburg with leader Jens Thelom, who formed the remix group Loop, and in 1993 a Scooter was created. The well-produced and all-around project blends the elements with happy hardcore and hard trance and builds on a sophomore stage show with a variety of light and pyrotechnic effects and, of course, on the charisma and speech to frontman H. P. Baxxter. Typical of Scooter's older recordings has also been the use of a mutated, distorted voice.

The first big hit was a track Hyper Hyper, followed Move your ass!. friends or Endless summer. In 1998 became the biggest band of the band How much is the fish?, who climbed to third in Germany and sold 250,000 carriers. In the 21st century the songs are scored Nessaja, Ramp! (The Logical Song), Maria (I like it high) or The question is what is the question?

In the 2006 band, it often stabilizes the alternative position of the second pianist with the arrival of Michael Simon. /

100% SCOOTER – 25 YEARS WILD & WICKED TOUR 2018 (Trailer)

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100% Scooter Piano Just by Olga Sheps


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