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adminJanuary 7, 2019

Eucario Bermúdez, one of the most acclaimed advertisers of the Colombian radio, died this Sunday at 83 in Miami (USA), victim of lung society.

Born in Timbío, Cauca, Bermúdez began at Caldas de Manizales Electra and Transmitter Station and years later, general director of the Caracol chain in Bogota. He was also the president of the Colombian Association of Broadcasters -ACL-.

Bermúdez also pioneered Colombian radio in Miami and was president of the WSUA Broadcasting Corporation Miami.

Bermúdez is remembered in the country for having identified with his voice radio station Caracol Radio and reading his symbolic news program & # 39; Última Hora & # 39 ;.

He was a very prominent figure, not only on the radio, but also on television and in journalism. He started very young in Manizales and marked a milestone in Transmisora ​​Caldas Station, where he promoted major campaigns.

One of the most remembered had to do with the historic election and coronation of Luz Marina Zuluaga as Miss Universe. He participated in broadcasts such as the arrival of the man on the moon, the Olympic Games in Mexico and Munich, telling of several issues of return to Colombia.

In addition, and because of his example of work and progress, Bermúdez was among the 100 key Latinians in Miami, the city where they baptized a street called 110 Avenue of the South West and 40th Street.

One of the programs that is still remembered was Tierra Colombiana, when the television was black and white, a room where he learned musical works of national folklore.

In 1981 he went to the United States, and with the arrival of Caracol Radio in Miami, he was his first director and news reader. His work was recognized and appreciated in both Colombia and the United States. UU.


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