The last girlfriend of Juan Gabriel refused that the singer lived

adminDecember 31, 2018

December 30, 2018 7:14
Updated December 30, 2018 19:46

The death of Juan Gabriel generated various reactions around the world; But when no details of his death were known, some acquaintances from the music, such as his former head Joaquín Ramírez, chose to start the controversy and ensure that the singer lived.

Now, two years after his death, Isaac Efraín Martínez, a friend of Juan Gabriel, discovered the lifeless body of the singer, breaking his silence and telling what really happened.

In the interview for the program Drop the soup Telemundo, Isaac Martinez confirmed that both were in Santa Maria, California, the day of the Mexican artist's death, and that what happened there is something that only he can tell.

"I saw it, I'm the only one who knows," Juan Gabriel's friend told Telemundo.

On the details of his death, Martinez said it is a sensitive issue that has never spoken to anyone. He also said he did not call 911, and when he saw Juan Gabriel's lifeless body, he was only able to ask for help. "I don't even remember I shouting first," he added.

On the other hand, the division of Juarez refused to live and said rumors of the singer have faked their deaths are merely assumptions. "I think people will think that & mldr; You have to accept things because they are, and I think they are liars who circulate," he said.

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