The last curtain closed behind Božená Hanáková

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The legend of košická culture died Monday at the age of 88 years.

November 29, 2018 at. 15:49 Svjatoslav Dohovič

Kosice. The last curtain, the last standing ovations from the point of view.

Not only the theater makers played with the great personality of the Slovak, and especially the Košice Musical Theater, Božená Hanáková on Thursday at the historic building of the State Theater Košice.

The sad news of departure to the operator has fallen in the world Tuesday morning.

She became a living legend

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Katafalku at the theater stage after the tunes from Intermezzo from Cavaleria Rusticana opera was worshiped by his colleagues from the theater, the orchestra, the choir and the ensemble ensemble.

"She became a living legend when she gave the audience an artistic experience with her amazing characteristic actress songwriting show. She was a live show of an extraordinary musical singer with a well-developed musical culture and charm that naturally dominated the entire scene. She belonged to the unique music theater in Košice When Janko Hanak died, I said in a silent style: He lived all his life in the artistic environment at all. His love for Božena looked a day to dance in Lúčnica and it was decided. , for decades they had formed a košický theater couple. There is nothing else, just the sentences: And from now on forever. Ms. Božena Hanáková, dear Božka. The theater, especially Košice, was love. And with love we also want to be remembered. Your theater family, says director Peter Himich, who did not finally look for words.

"It was more than twenty-five years ago, I was a graduate of the Music Academy, and I just joined the theater as a young beginner. The music was for me all and the opera was music for me. At that time, we studied Verdi & # 39; s Traviat, and director of production was Božena Hanáková. Today, I know that it was happiness and blessing. For us, young artists, we have always been extremely indulgent, and despite having sang in the theater for 50 seasons and threw dozens by character, we have always treated ourselves as equal partners. When I collaborated with her, I realized that I did not know anything about the opera, "said Karol Kevicky, Operator of the Opera, her acquaintance with Mrs Božka.

The last curtain and applause applause

The operaciret made Božena Hanáková on his last trip to Verdi Zbor Jews.

So for the last time, at least from the speakers, his soprano sang in "A mio babbino caro" from Puccini's opera Gianni Schicchi.

The theater curtain last closed and several minutes standing ovations spread over the hall.

Fifty seasons

Božena Hanáková was born November 1, 1930 in Košice. Her heart touched Monday, November 26, at night in 88 years.

The basketball theater has been working for 50 seasons since 1954, and only in January of this year, after 20 years of selfishness, was played by her latest production, the Opera Giuseppe Verdi La Traviata.

The theater and opera got Božena Hanáková in the vineyard, she was born in theatrical artists' family and, as she admitted in one of the interviews, the theater loved the little boy.

"I did not care what to do – even though I was a waiter – especially to be there," said the excellent soprano eight years ago on the occasion of Czar Korzar's anniversary, and in the theater she was very young. The Slovak National Theater, where mom, mezzosoprano Ružena Kustrová, worked in the war years.

At the beginning of VŠMU she took out dance and saw opera singing.

Dozens of characters

After graduation, she came to the state theater Košice, where she performed dozens of operetta and opera characters.

Later, together with his man Jan Hanák, stageographer and La Traviate and daughter Danica Hanáková, a costume designer, they also created a stage team, which has signed a series of opera and operetta productions in the basketball theater.

She has been faithful to Košice Theater throughout her professional career, but has been successful in Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Miškovci and she has also performed with theater on tours in the Netherlands and Germany.

Until recently, she returned to the theater for the premiere of the opera ensemble.

"I studied many beautiful characters, I was Assistant Director, directed, learned, I had many excellent students, but I am most proud of my family, our children and our grandchildren, who actually follow our lives," said a charismatic artist for some years ago.

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