The Kardashian family's Christmas party had a millionaire budget

adminDecember 29, 2018

The total value of the event is astronomical.


December 29, 2018, 4:45 pm

For the first time, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the Kardashian-Jenner clan hosted the annual Christmas party, which is usually held off Kris Jenner, and the couple did not look into the possibilities of transforming their mansion to Calabasas into a kind of Winter Wonderland contemplating the details, right to white trees, the floor covered with "snow," a mountain where it was possible to ride on sled and an igloo with fake clouds.

But how much did they pay for the epic event? According to a specialist estimate, about $ 1.3 million (about one million and $ 136 thousand).

The magazine FOLK talked to Ashley Greer, a florist who has worked with the Obama administration to create the white house Christmas trees, to try to realize the cost of everything from the many acres of snow (quite realistic), through a tunnel to take selfies with more than 10 million lights , to a forest of wooden sculptures that looked like a Christmas style.

According to Greer, the famous family hired Mindy Weiss, the organizer of events behind the marriage of Ciara with Russel Wilson, and from Heidi Klum with Seal, as well as baby shower off Jessica Simpson. Weiss will charge 20% of the total cost of the event for its services.

As Weiss has identified all its suppliers on social networks, it is known that the Kardashian-West couple's snow-covered backyard was created by a company Greer says is "specialized in producing false snow." Snow Business USA offers more than 200 varieties of snow, from these flakes that melt for a few hours to types that last a few months.

"It's not known how much of Kim and Kanye's three-year estate covered in snow," Greer says. "But I consider the price of snowbags online, I estimate if they covered just one hectare, including installation and removal, they spent $ 350,000 [cerca de 306 mil euros]. "

The farm was even the crown jewel of this whole celebration. Besides "snow" it had a lot that allowed the guests to ride a sledge. According to Weiss Instagram, the temporary change of room was handled by The Trask House.

Ashley Greer explains that officials probably used 200 tons of real ice and made them snow to create the ground. The florist estimates that this costs $ 35,000 (about $ 30,100).

The garden also had several tents with dance floors. According to Greer, each will cost around $ 50,000 ($ 44,000). Not to mention rented furniture and props, which add another 30 thousand dollars (26 thousand euros) to the invoice.

"Light experts to hang the special fittings in the shape of a tree, illuminate the interior of the tents and the sled ground costs an additional $ 80,000 [69,9 mil euros], "reveals.

When it comes to entertainment, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are friends of the family, so they may have traded for free or at a good discount. But in a normal situation, performance will cost almost half the total value of the event.

"Of course, it depends on the duration of the action, but the price will start at 500 thousand dollars [437 mil euros], Greer says. "My favorite part was the tunnel with 10 million lights and mirrored floors," he adds, emphasizing that the installation is by contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama.

Anyone who has noticed Kim Kardashian's publications noticed that there was still another masterpiece in the mansion: white fluffy trees of various shapes and sizes.

"Because of her thorough attention to detail and uncompromising aesthetic vision, I am almost certain that we can thank Kanye for incorporating sculptures by contemporary Australian artist Kathy Temin. As her work is already in all the famous contemporary galleries in Australia, I expect every three have cost ten thousand dollars [8,7 mil euros]. "

The artist shared a picture of 20 trees on Instagram, a work titled My monument: White forest, and Greer emphasizes it "it's on the heads of these trees that Kim and Kanye are going to make, so the whole forest must have cost about $ 200,000 [174,7 mil euros]. "

Last but not least, the hosts had to think about food and drinks for their guests – and an artist for making child-friendly lollipops.

"Although we have not yet seen food publications, we know that catering was the responsibility of The Kitchen for Exploring Food," says Greer. In an extravagant event, you can spend around $ 125 [109€] per person in food and drink. At a Kardashian-West-Weiss event, the figure is expected to be close to $ 400 [349€] per person. "

Given that the list of guests was about 200 people, the florist Ashley Greer is the guess for the total cost of catering "between $ 80 and $ 100,000" ($ 69,9000 – $ 87,400).

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