The Iowa teacher comes under fire for dressing up in Blackface as the character & # 39; Napoleon Dynamite & # 39;

adminOctober 26, 2018


A white teacher was attacked after she dressed in a black face at a Halloween party this year.

Megan Luloff, who is a teacher at Walcott Elementary School in Davenport, Iowa, is seen in a photo that is distributed online dressed as the African-American character LaFawnduh from the 2004 film "Napoleon Dynamite."

"The use of the black painted face is not appropriate under any circumstances by anyone," Davenport art superintendent Tate said in a statement.

Apparently, several people in the matter were dressed as characters in the comedy film.

The school district said its human resources department is investigating the matter. Luloff has not been put on leave.

"I can not express clearly how offensive and terrible it is to people of color," said Linda Hayes, the vice president of the district board. "In light of our recent developments within the district, this one was in very bad taste, not to mention totally out of line with respect to professionalism."

The news comes after the NBC program reports Megyn Kelly had been canceled after her comments on the blackface during a segment discussing costume issues.

"You really get into trouble if you're a white person who turns black on Halloween or a black person who turns white for Halloween," Kelly said. "That was fine when I was a child, as long as you were dressed as a character."

Face painted black emerged in the 1800s as white performers painted their faces black to make fun of African-American slaves.


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