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adminJanuary 7, 2019

A gimmick, but with great content and craftsmanship: "Black Mirror" has become interactive during a movie.

Netflix wants to play a game with you

Cast and crew

  • Director: David Slade
  • Script: Charlie Brooker
  • Performers: Fionn Whitehead, Will Poulter, Asim Chaudhry, Craig Parkinson, Alice Lowe, Tallulah Haddon, Laura Evelyn, Catriona Knox, Jonathan Aris
  • Production: Russell McLean
  • CEO: Annabel Jones
  • FSK: from 16 years

It has been around five years since Carla Engelbrecht came to Netflix to acquire children's and family programming of the video-on-demand provider. In talks with his supervisor, product director Toyy Yellin, it soon became clear that they are both very interested in building on Engelbrecht's past in interactive entertainment. Among other things, she was already in charge of "Sesame Street" Wii games. Along with DreamWorks Animation, it was about engaging in interactive movies on Netflix. For Netflix, this was meant as a test platform, because: "Children do not know how to drive anything shouldYellin & # 39; Wired & # 39; says that if children do not already accept such content, the opportunity is even lower for adults, but even in the production phase of interactive Netflix children's content, streaming service was in search of people who were not child-friendly Broadcast: confronted Black Mirror Creator Charlie Brooker and Dystopian Series Executive Producer Annabel Jones, with the results already made, intends to persuade them to create an interactive episode.

While Yellin, according to "Wired", has positive memories of the first meeting in the spring of 2017, Charlie Brooker remembers his reaction differently: "I think we went out of the room and said," No! "" He felt old CD-ROM video games reminiscent of which associations with a great control that arose. But then it came across Brooker and Jones in a historic meeting for new episodes of "Black Mirror": It was intended to make an episode about a video game developer in the 80s and tried to choose your own adventure -Roman adapt as video games. Brooker was frightened and realized that this story could only develop its full potential interactively. "Oh shit, now we have to do it that way, and it will absolutely complicate."

Experience the interactive adventure of how Stefan wants to adapt an interactive adventure

Brooker came down in this rabbit hole: "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" is an interactive film that adapts the dramaturgy to typical 80's short stories in choosing your own adventure, as well as the narrative and control-based style of video games that are different from let them be inspired. It's about Stefan (Fionn Whitehead). Stefan is a teenager who develops video games in his spare time, and is a great admirer of the well-equipped adventure "Bandersnatch". When he decides to adapt this short story as a video game, he introduces himself to the hit video game company Tuckersoft, where his video game developer idol Colin Ritman (Will Poulter) works. And the rest of the story is in the hands of those watching the movie … Or isn't it?

Author Brooker anchors "Bandersnatch" on several levels. For some it will be more a reference festival, a "something I have not experienced for a long time" -Nostalggieerlebnis, a "Here I am already merging familiar media into a hybrid" -Trip: Who Has Read Choose Your Own Adventure Novels or Walt Disney & # 39; s "Funny Paperbacks" with selected adventure cartoons, which played on video game in the style of the game that Stefan is trying to program here, or alternatively experience video games with the short Full Motion Video. "-Is … Well, these people can hardly surprise Brooker in" Bandersnatch "with innovations. You know the basic principle, so it is important to deliver a tribute that only seeks to apply to belonging to the better representatives of this uneven narrative tradition.

And then there are sudden, early ways to end the story. And later changes, which come thematically but completely unprepared out of nowhere, and turn it past seen from the left. There are scenes where characters almost talk into the camera and with their dialogs, anything but subtle hints on the controls, control options or the best possible game play. Sometimes you only have seemingly free choices. This is not entirely new, but in this implementation, yet: The control of this kinematic video game (or video film) runs smoothly, the cinematic immersion remains much more intact than in FMV games, and despite all dead ends, the narrative is consistent , more coherent than usual in choosing your own adventure stories.

And those who haven't been in touch with what Brooker refers to in the "Bandersnatch", get a meta-black "mirroring" episode to help shape the rules of this medium, and that's what is required to expand the network Mystery, Psychodrama and dystopic thriller tweaked into content with the interactive gimmick twice. Depending on the chosen way of media consumption, it is hypnotic innovation or bold gimmick tribute – or the spark does not light and you soon become disillusioned on the ground. It can't always work.

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