The interactive "Black Mirror" movie "Bandersnatch"

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"Choose your own adventure" is the motto of the book, the game and the movie "Bandersnatch". Image: netflix

The interactive "Black Mirror" movie "Bandersnatch" is nonsense. Very bad job, Netflix!

The expectation was great, the disappointment is greater. It's a pity that Netflix is ​​one of its best projects.

Rarely so annoyed, rarely so disappointed. Because "Black Mirror" has set the standard for technoid-technophobic series for many years, very high. Now there are no new episodes, but a new, original, interactive movie, the (almost) freely stretchable "Bandersnatch".

Jungnerd Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) makes a crazy book called "Bandersnatch" – named for a character from "Alice in Wonderland" – for the crazy game. What is really not something, we do not experience it anyway, in any case it drives him very crazy, so much so that he must regularly analyze. The late childhood guru Colin (Will Poulter) wants to win over Stefan for his company – and now there are many questions that there are many answers to: How does Stefan decide, he goes over death organs, what has to do with childhood and is the game yet successful?

But not everyone who makes a great series is also a good filmmaker. In any case, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker is not. For what would be a bully down from the story, does not satisfy, as a normal, compact independent episode, as an interactive, confused, feature film. Although Brooker tries this with all the tricks.

1. With participation

Finally, Brooker and Netflix allow what Black Mirror junkies dream of becoming part of the horror at night. Why? Because "Black Mirror" has so far evolved into many independent episodes (one wants such a low rate of crime for the "crime scene"), this penetration into perversions of digital progress, barely imagined, Unlike Brooker, who must have something that they most perverted brainworms in the mass production world. Dreadful for science fiction when you actually ask yourself: How does the man think?

Now you can go in for a while. If the options are given below the screen, select a soundtrack or cereal. Because if Stefan accepts or rejects a job. Whether a dead man is buried or hacked, jumping out of the window to two. It actually triggers a whole lot of instant gratuities, from "Wow, what happens now?".

It's 1984 and Stefan sits in front of his Crazywall. Is it good? Image: netflix

But then it happens cursed little, in record time tells the story back to an older alternative, or the development behind two different decisions is almost identical. There are not entirely different twisted new narrative threads, only minimal variations. The treasure chest behind "Bandersnatch" is so disappointingly soon humming in the end. Rather half empty than half full.

We looked at "Bandersnatch"

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Of course, on Netflix it means: The way is the goal. And with that, the weakest word of all time is. Applies to everything that has no stroke line, no final, no real architecture.

2. With nostalgia

Normally, we are in the Black Mirror universe in a threatening, but near, very imaginable future. Now go back to the visions of the future in 1984. Ironically. In the year, George Orwell patterned, so that as an encryption for technoterror, as perverted as no other. First and foremost, ironically, but for the second, 1984 programmed game called "Bandersnatch" (later became "Brataccas").

But of course 1984 means above all audio tracks! Eighties! Smarties-Pop by Kajagoogoo, Eurythmics, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Depeche Mode and Consorts. Who can ever get enough of it? And that means childhood and youth memories. Or in the case of millenials: a carefree, prenatal longing decade. Worked well on Netflix with "Stranger Things".

Crazy! Game guru Colin is actually already a father! Image: netflix

3. with irony

Nice, but finally too little comfort and sometimes for self-reflective pressure to the eye. The father describes a microwave oven as "foreign technology". Psychoanalyst asks Stefan, who believes that he is remotely controlled for entertainment, why he would not be in a more entertaining universe then (yes, we ask ourselves too). He believes himself controlled by someone from the future called "Netflix". Haha, funny. Advertising for the game "Metl Hedd" hangs on the wall of Colin's Game Factory – we already know the poster's Robo Beetle from "Black Mirror" episode "Metalhead". And so on.

"Black Mirror" fans know this bubble. Image: netflix

And the conclusion?

It was an attempt. He failed. Please do not repeat this way. The design possibilities and the labyrinth they lead are far behind what Brooker otherwise dares to do in the closed insane asylum of his individual sequences. "Bandersnatch" is a soft flushed public appeal. Still, the "Black Mirror" has been the opposite: the furious, in their paranoid Volts so incredibly refined insult to everything idealistic or naive (which is often the same). Merging trials on human and technology.

Until now, people were confused by the "Black Mirror" and moved up from the couch. How amazing it was! Episodes such as the Black Museum, Nosedive, San Junipero, Get Right Back, Hate in the Nation, and, and, and. Now? If only one could have eaten a packet of unsalted rice waffles.

Bandersnatch is now running on Netflix.

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