The innocent Netflix who had main characters Esperanza Gómez and Jaider Villa

adminDecember 29, 2018

More than one thought it was true. The innocent Netflix who had main characters Esperanza Gómez and Jaider Villa.

A few hours ago, Netflix announced its new movie through its social networks, The bad omen.

A tape that, according to them, would premiere on December 31 and would have as main characters Esperanza Gómez and Jaider Villa, among other actors.

"On the last night of the year, just when the bells are ringing … be careful of your desires, be careful about the omens, because they can cause suffering and irreversible changes," said part of the supporter of the alleged production.

The Netflix Innocent

Mal Agüero – Trailer.

Esperanza Gomez, Rafael Novoa, Carlos Torres, Rosmery Bohorquez and Jaider Villa in the same movie? BOOM. Bad Aguero An original Netflix movie. Available December 31st.

Posted by Netflix on Wednesday December 26, 2018

More than one was thrilled with the news, but the truth is that today, with a new video, Netflix said it was innocent.

In the film, other actors such as Carlos Torres, Rafael Novoa and Rosmery Bohórquez will also appear.

But what Netflix announced with this video was the real prizes they want in 2019.

Among them is the second season off The house of flowers, and the third season off Stranger things, 13 reasons why and Papirhuset, among many other films and series.

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