The incredible weight loss of Laurence Boccolini

adminNovember 27, 2018


Laurence Boccolini appeared on a photo next to Ingrid Chauvin.

Although she is not the kind to post many photos of herself, Laurence Boccolini still attracted the attention of his followers in August. Having a pink scarf, naturally, the leader of Europe 1 had obviously lost weight as mentioned by the internet user's comments.

Despite this, she had mentioned the fact that she did not want to approach the subject as the recall here: "I'm not skeleton anyway, I do not want to talk about the weight, maybe one day I'll do it, but not now, I'm just laying a cloth on my head, I did not think this picture would interest everyone."

Two days ago, the host seemed a bit more diluted on a photo together with actress Ingrid Chauvin. A change that surfers have taken care of to increase positively. "No matter before or now, you're a wonderful animator," "You are super beautiful Mrs. Laurence", "You are beautiful," we read under the cliché.

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