The incredible story of the mysterious marriage of Jamie Lee Curtis with Christopher Guest

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Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Guest, 2006

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Once Upon a time, Jamie Lee Curtis He was hit by the singer of Spinal Tap.

Suffice it to say that, thank God, he did not fall in love with his drummer. Because, you know, spontaneous combustion.

The daughter of the legends of the screen. Tony Curtis Y Janet Leigh She was sitting in her living room in May of 1984 with her friend. Debra Hill, co-writer and producer of Hallowe'en, the pioneer horror film of 1978 that established Curtis as the queen "of the scream", when she saw a picture of Christopher Guest, Michael McKean Y Harry Shearer (all out of character) in Rolling Stone. Cyndi Lauper It was on the cover.

"I looked at the man on the right, dressed in a plaid shirt and a mocking smile, I had never seen him before, but I pointed it out," recalled Curtis in a 2004 essay OR magazine. "I'm going to marry that man," I said to my friend.

That man was Invited, a star of the 1984 cult classic comedy. This is spine and the future chameleonic writer-director of comedies dependent on improvisation as Waiting for Guffman Y Better in show.

"I really did a double take of 'Spanky and Our Gang' old-fashioned," Curtis told the Washington Post in 1985. "I said:" Whoever this guy is, that's that. That's the best. "

And the iconic actress, who celebrates her 60th birthday today, after the resounding success of Hallowe'enThe logical continuation of the 1978 original that eliminates the plots of the other nine tangential sequels / restarts / frights that occurred in the middle, will celebrate 34 years of marriage with "that man" next month.

It's not that Jamie Lee Curtis's love life has increased until 11 o'clock in the morning.

Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, Spinal Tap

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In fact, Hill knew his agent (it turns out that Curtis and Guest shared an agency), so Curtis called Guest's agent the next day, and he already knew why he called her, since Hill had hit her. A little embarrassed, she left her number for Guest to call her if he was interested.

He does not call

"It was a strange period, right after Spinal Tap," Guest later explained. People. "There were strange women who called at 3 or 4 in the morning."

"I continued with my life," wrote Curtis in the OR piece. "I started dating a sweet man, but we both knew it was not for the best, and when he had to leave for a long business trip, I left him at the airport to say goodbye in a friendly but definite way." From the airport, I left. to the Hugo restaurant in West Hollywood for dinner with friends. "

It was there, in the modern place of healthy food, that is still there to this day, that she and Guest met for the first time in person. Curtis was sitting with Melanie Griffith and her then husband Steven Bauer, who had just been in Scarface. Guest was a few tables away.

"He waved at me as if to say, 'I'm the guy you called,'" Curtis recalled. "I replied with a gesture:" I'm the woman who called you. "A few minutes later, she got up to leave, standing 20 feet away, shrugging her shoulders and raising her hand as if to Say: & # 39; I'll see you & # 39 ;. When he left, I looked at my plate. "

Guest called the next day, June 28. They had their first date on July 2, Chianti Ristorante in Melrose. They were in love when he had to fly back to New York on August 8 to appear at the service in Saturday night live for the infamous 1984-85 season, when they brought established stars like Billy crystal Y Martin ShortTry to give the show a jolt of new energy.

Guest just did SNL that season, but he actually tried to get out of his contract so he would not have to leave L.A. and Jamie Lee Curtis, revealed recently. Chris Hardwickis ID10T podcast

Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Guest, 1985

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"One day in September, we were talking on the phone," Curtis continued. "I went for a walk on Fifth Avenue today," he said. "What did you do there?" I said: "Do you like diamonds?" . " That was September 15.

Then, just a few months after Curtis spied on Guest in a magazine and decided that he was the man for her, they were married on December 18, 1984, on a Tuesday at 4 p.m. This is spine director Rob Reinerthe house of Tanto Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh were there. Hugo did the catering.

"We were home at 7:30, my sister Kelly is still mad at me," Curtis told Hardwick. "… If anyone here knows Kelly Curtis … please let her know that publicly, in front of the universe, I apologized for going home after my wedding at 7:15 when she wanted to continue dancing and actually had a wedding … when Chris and I stood there, we swayed back and forth for our wedding dance, cut the cake, ate a piece, and it was like, OK, I'm fine, right? ? & # 39; Yes, let's go. & # 39;

As if they were no longer sure they were married to the right person …

"He's fun, I'm fun," Curtis said. parade last month, when her 33-year-old husband entered the kitchen of his long-time home on the west side of Los Angeles. "We still solve it."

Curtis's famous parents divorced in 1962, when she was 3 years old, after which she and Kelly lived with their mother and Jamie attended what is now Choate Rosemary Hall (also Ivanka Trump& # 39; s old stomping) in Connecticut.

After graduating, Curtis returned to L.A. to go to the university and continue with the fulfillment of the law or with social work. That lasted about six months. Instead, she found the father of a friend who was an agent, he wanted her to audition to play Nancy Drew in a television series … and although she did not get that Role, the rest is history.

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Guest, who is 10 years older, is the son of a British diplomatic father of the United Nations, Peter Haden-Guest, and his second wife, Jean Pauline Hindes, former CBS executive. He grew up in England and New York and went to New York University to study acting.

"When I was 18, all my friends were 30 or 40," said Curtis. People about his first days in California. "They called me to be smart and smart, and I was 18. I was just flying." At the same time, "I was also this party girl very tangled for a while, I never did more than anyone else was doing, but it was certainly at the core, it was a real lost time."

When he returned to California for the first time, Curtis did not have much relationship with his father, who married five more times after divorcing Leigh. They ended up being linked by the use of drugs, with the addiction in the family, although at that moment, Curtis did not consider herself as someone who had a problem. In 1983, he separated from the drug scene, and that included distancing himself from Tony.

"My father and I went through that period, and then we had to split up again," Curtis said. People. "I had gone through drug shows, he disavowed them and I was disappointed, basically, I did not have more time for that."

The following year, of course, he discovered Guest.

"For a long time I never smiled, because I was embarrassed by my ugly and boring-looking teeth," Curtis admitted. "That's why I developed my smile, which is why, when I looked at Chris's smile in the picture, I basically saw myself, I saw a kindred spirit."

Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Guest, 1987

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Seven years later, "I do not think we have an easy marriage," Curtis observed. "We have a difficult marriage, but successful."

They adopted their daughter, AnnieRight after she was born in December 1986, having met the biological mother through the adoption agency. Curtis said Annie's arrival was "the most profound and not indescribable event of my life."

Becoming a mom also helped repair her relationship with her father. "On my 30th birthday, I called my father," shared Curtis with People in 1991. "I had not seen Annie since she was 8 weeks old, and now she turned 2. I felt it was time." They stayed in each other's lives more consistently until Tony's death in 2010.

Meanwhile, after The fog Y Dance of the night Y Hallowe'en (Y Halloween 2) made Jamie Lee Curtis the "queen of the scream", showing some skin in Places of commerce and playing an aerobics instructor in Perfect he made her a sexual symbol, a designation with which she never felt comfortable.

"For me, unfortunately, the term & # 39; sexual symbol & # 39; connotes unconsciousness," Curtis told Washington Post in 1985. "This means that your physical and sensual presence is the only thing that people respond to, I do it because I like to do the work, I am not a vampire girl, I am a lot of the girl, especially in my private life,". "I go around with tretorns, baggy safari shorts and weird t-shirts from my husband's t-shirt collection, I do not have any makeup, like a very clumsy and semitic girl, girl, and I stress girl, I really consider myself a girl. I put on my wife's things when I go to work. "

In his free time, he liked to be with Guest. "I perfected the Caesar salad," he added.

"We went to this pre-release party to Perfect last night, and all I got were the guys' phrases like, 'Great body!' And the looks of women. It was very depressing, "he shared with the Chicago Tribune in June of 1985. "And when we got home, Chris told me that he had fallen in love with me before seeing my body."

Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh

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Curtis told the Chicago Tribune that after she finished shooting Eight million ways to dieThey went to Idaho to buy land and build a house, which they did in Sun Valley, where Janet Leigh also had a house since Jamie was little. (After his death in 2004, a ski slope was christened "Leigh Lane" in his honor).

They moved to their home in western Los Angeles in 1992, a 1929 Spanish colonial revival located in a canyon that belonged to Oscar winner Luise Rainer in the 1930s. Curtis immediately decided he could make it beautiful. The guest did not enter at first, but climbed a hill and looked at her from above. "We should take it," he said, the couple remembering the time to Architectural compendium in 2002. "I felt like a park-like setting," he said. "I was happy with that."

The late '80s and' 90s continued to be a prolific time for Curtis on screen, with more expensive roles in big movies like A fish called wanda, Forever Young, Blue steel, My girlfriend Y True Lies ("the best moment I've had in a set", he recalled in Interview in 2015), as well as his own comedy, Anything less love, opposite Richard Lewis (six years after counting the Submit that what her husband did, that is, the comedy, was "much more beyond" her).

Curtis said People in 1994, "with a marriage and a child, my life is this mixture of being wild and carefree, and on another careful and cautious level, it's weird but I'm really happy."

The always inscrutable Guest, who had played one of the funniest movie characters of all time in This is spineNigel Tufnel was enigmatic even then, but not for the people close to him.

"It's hard to talk about Chris," Curtis said brightly, "because all you're going to hear is the word & # 39; great," "she says. "He is a great listener, a great athlete, a great husband and father." (And we hear that, although it is not a type of attention center at parties, it is perfectly friendly and will kindly discuss your work if you ask).

Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Guest, 1995

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The couple adopted another son, son. Thomas, in 1996. Also that year, Guest's father, who had become a baron, passed away, and his barony became Guest, which made him Lord Haden-Guest, so Curtis might call herself Lady Haden-Guest, if she so wishes. What she does not do

Meanwhile, Curtis began to fight behind the scenes of his own life.

In 1994, his stepbrother Nicholas, the son of Tony Curtis with his third wife, Leslie Allen, died of a drug overdose. It turned out that the actress was fighting her own battles against alcoholism and opioid abuse, which, she recalled recently, managed to completely hide from her family. "I had a 10-year career, stealing, cheating, nobody knew, nobody," he said. People in October. "He had all the fame and wealth, and my marriage was intact, and my children were with me."

First he was prescribed painkillers after plastic surgery to reduce swelling in his eyes in 1989, and spent the next 10 years looking for pills.

Guest "was incredulous that I had never noticed". She started going to recovery meetings on February 3, 1999, the same day she told her husband that she had a problem, and that since then she has been sober.

"I am breaking the cycle that has basically destroyed the lives of generations in my family," said Curtis. People. "Staying sober is still my greatest achievement … bigger than my husband, bigger than my two children and bigger than any job, success, failure, anything."

Interestingly, during a talk on wellness in Sun Valley, Idaho, in 2010, Curtis said the sudden death of Princess Diana In 1997, it really made him think about the concept of a life well lived, doing everything he can with the time he has. "Now I live wisely, not without law, but I strive to live wisely every day," said the actress, on

Commemorating the anniversary of Diana's death in August, Curtis shared on Instagram how much he regretted having lost the Princess of Wales and her children only a few minutes when they visited the London set. Fierce creatures in 1996, literally, because she was in the bathroom. Curtis wrote Diana a letter telling her how sorry he was for missing her.

"The next day a letter arrived from the Kensington Palace in its stationery, thanking me for mine and fully understanding the need for nature to take its course," recalled Curtis. They hoped to meet in the future. Writing about how much she admired Diana's humanitarian efforts and her obvious devotion to her children, Curtis concluded: "He was a great example to me, an example to live in. I honor him this day."

More recently, he told Chris Hardwick that he lived his life with the wisdom gained from The princess Bride: "Life is pain, princess, and anyone who tells you something different is selling something". (Silver lining: he married Count Rugen with six fingers).

Giving Architectural compendium On a tour of his home in 2002, Guest joked that all the objects that Curtis had tried in his living room and then moved to make a good photo montage.

The silently prolific actor, writer and filmmaker, who by then had directed Waiting for Guffman Y Better in show and I was working on A powerful windI enjoyed the kitchen.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Guest, Janet Leigh, 1998

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"At night I'll play there while Jamie prepares dinner and Tom dances," Guest said. In the room there was a work of art made of breakfast cereals, a gift from Guest to his wife, a nod of assent to his determination not to take material things too seriously (although she admitted that "he touched, became restless and He agonized over "everything in that living room".

Curtis said that finally, after 10 years, he had finished with the house, but Guest said: "I think it's like something: it's a work in progress, this house will continue to live."

In 2009, Guest, McKean and Shearer reunited the band for the "One Night Only World Tour". Most recently, Guest was an executive producer and appeared in the guest comedy HBO. Family tree, he celebrated the 30th anniversary of Spinal Tap with his peers in 2014 and then took his talents to Netflix. He directed many familiar faces from his familiar stable of actors in 2016. Pets, and just directed the Loudon Wainright III special concert Surviving twin, which one Judd apatow Produced by the executive.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Guest, 2016

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While it does not seem that Curtis took a definite respite from the performance, he did it to write children's books, advocate for girls and women who struggle with body image and self-esteem and be full-time wife and mother. Being a spokesperson for Activia yogurt turned out to be a lucrative parallel job, and it also made it a coveted survey for people's gastrointestinal anecdotes when trying to walk around the airport.

"I think what often happens is that children do not have a base, so they go on to adult life, experience great achievements and then collapse," he said. Parents Magazine in 2002. "Life and expectations are not resolved as planned, and that disturbs them terribly".

Curtis was ahead of his time in wishing there were more substantial roles for women of all ages, and that less attention was paid to the physical attributes of women, even when the attention was so positive. He also assumed 33 years ago that he would be retired a long time ago.

"I guess I have about 15 years left," he said with an almost audible shrug in 1985. "And God knows I'm ready, I want to do a good job."

Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Guest, Annie Guest, Tom Guest, 2018

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Instead, on the eve of his 60th birthday, he starred in the second biggest movie that premiered in October, forever, Hallowe'en having won $ 76.2 million the opening weekend, which also made it the first big weekend of a horror movie with a female lead. Y The biggest premiere weekend of any movie with a protagonist older than 55 years.

I wish I could have seen what was ahead, more or less like when I saw a picture of a not very smiling boy with a plaid shirt on the pages of Rolling Stone. The image still hangs in his house.

"Chris and I have a wonderful, complicated and imperfect life and a very real marriage," wrote Curtis in OR in 2004. "I'll never know why I thought we'd understand each other when I saw his photograph." Hidden in that smile, I think it was a little secret that only I knew. "

Not that everything is always perfect, a big barrel of laughs 24/7 just because Guest turns out to be a comedic genius, or a perennially smooth journey because Curtis is witty, wise and empathic. She joked Today In 2015, her secret to a lasting marriage was simply "not to divorce." She added: "It's fascinating, I could write a book about marriage called 'Do not go.'"

"You think you're having a bad week, but stay on the bus, because one of these days you'll look out the window and it'll be beautiful," Curtis mused. Good Housekeeping this summer. "I think it can apply to almost anything that you feel unhappy at the moment, I'm not a savage savage, I'm a realist, I respect it, and I just do not leave."

And when Guest and her children, Annie, now 31 years old and engaged and teaching dance, and Thomas, 22 years old and working in a gaming company, joined her in the Hallowe'en released last month, he wrote on Instagram along with a rare picture on the red carpet of the four: "The most important part of my work is the people I come home to after that work." My daughter, Annie, my son Tom and my husband, Christopher, offered me love and support last night and I'm so lucky to call them mine. "

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