The incredible interior of Kim Kardashian's private jet and Kanye West

adminNovember 29, 2018

Ph. Instagram

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West see things big. The couple shared the luxurious interior of their private aircraft.

Kim Kardashian likes to show his wealth on social networks. The one who had chosen to be more discreet by exposing his diamonds to Instagram after his robbery in Paris has resumed his good old habits.

At Instagram, she presented the interior of a private 747 which she traveled with her husband, raider Kanye West.

And without a doubt, luxury was at rendezvous. In addition to the luxurious seats, two floors with dining and bedroom, Kim Kardashian also revealed an office under her spouse.

Starlet of reality tv also took advantage of this trip to bring his coach and play sports on the plane … "It's crazy", she commented on the video.

User comments were more critical. While someone asks him if it happens to him to stay home to take care of his three other children, he has accused him of the damage done to the environment by using such a plane.

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