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adminDecember 28, 2018

The singer offered her latest concert in Mexico City in April 2016

Mexican singer Vicente Fernández has moved from the stage for more than two years, but it reappeared in his Instagram account where he wrote a picture that surprised his followers by having a very different face I had when I was singing.

"Chente" (diminutive by Vicente) is shown with all white hair and beard in the picture where he appears next to his wife "Cuquita", surrounded by a very Christmas scene in what appears to be his house.

"To my family in every country, I want my wife and I a Christmas full of happiness and love, I love you very much!", was the text that came with the picture.

Although the interpreter of "For your dear love" he looks at wife and is in profile while looking at the camera, It is obviously the change in the face of the Mexican singer who has already noticed the 78 years.

Although he usually smiles for the pictures, this time the Mexican regional music singer looks serious and meditative, he looks tired and little animated, unlike joy that always shows in his pictures.

"Chente you will always be my idol, you are the best ranchera singer in the world, all your successes I listen to them and even sing them with my guaros (alcoholic drinks), congratulations on this Christmas", the fans replied in the message " Happy Holidays to You and Your Family, from Asturias, Spain I send my best wishes to health, peace and love for all of you, "said another supporter.

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In another image upload to the account for "Los 3 Potrillos" sand go to "Chente" with his wife and bag with a smaller one, who is supposed to be the singer's grandchild, all sitting in front of the typical Christmas tree.

"Merry Christmas, United as a Family," reads the accompanying text, far away it was galante that rode on horseback, and now he is seen as a tenderly pampered grandfather.

In April 2016, Vicente Fernández offered his latest concert in Mexico City, at Estadio Azteca. And even though he still gives some much smaller performances and this year released his latest album "More Romantic than Ever," he is far from singing for hours, "until people stop applauding", as it was his motto.

And even though he hasn't offered concerts like he did in his best times, he has maintained contact with his followers through social networks.

This time he has He has taken the stage from the stage to indulge in his family.

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