The huge amount that James Bond should pay for damage caused by dangerous driving

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Have you ever wondered how many cars were destroyed in the 24 James Bond movies and what is the real price of the damage? The results are unimaginable.

Picture of the article The huge amount of James Bond will pay for damage caused by dangerous driving

The huge amount that James Bond should pay for damage caused by dangerous driving

A new interactive guide looked at each James Bond movie to find out the total amount of damage Agent 007 caused by used cars. Using a computer called Carnage, the study analyzed each vehicle damage and used insurance categories to calculate the final price.

The most devastating actor who released Bond is Roger Moore, who made five cars in five movies.

The most expensive James Bond is Daniel Craig, whose injuries reach the huge £ 3.1 million. Craig has done this for just four movies.

Carnage Calculator, created by a car leasing company, collected data on each franchise movie and revealed exactly what the real price spy has caused so far through his career.

Users can see every Bond-driven vehicle, as well as a description of the movie scene and the damage the car has suffered. Thus, this unique calculator avoided the total economic impact Bond had as a driver.

To calculate the price of each vehicle, prices were adjusted according to inflation. Then the compensation was calculated by various categories of insurance. The data was collected from 25 different sources and original films.

In 18 films, the famous spy injured a total of 23 cars due to the aggressive driving style.

Of all those resembling James Bond, Sean Connery is the most cautious agent 007, who manages to keep the cars intact in three movies.

So far, Bond has injured eight Aston Martin cars, Daniel Craig is at the top of the list and destroys three cars from this brand. In total, 11 different cars have been destroyed, such as a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II and the infamous AEC Regent bus.

Not surprisingly, Daniel Craig's Aston Martin DB10 car is the most expensive vehicle that was never destroyed in the movies franchise. Only 10 models were made exclusively for use in Spectra.

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