The Helene Fischer Show: The network is blaspheming about this

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December 19, 2018, Schlager-Queen
Helene Fischer
, 34 and moderator
Florian Silbereisen
, 37, officially announced their separation. It almost doesn't come as a surprise that the first Christmas day, "The Helene Fischer Show" was eagerly awaited on television. Because during the recording of the annual ZDF show in early December, the couple was apparently already divorced. In the web it is not just comments on love, there are cheerfully cheerful – and celebrities are interfering with.

Helene Fischer Show: Tweets for separation

Although Florian Silbereisen could not be seen on the show, he is ubiquitous online. A spectator wondered, "What Flori is doing now? Riding a rollercoaster? Running on the highway of 300? Pulling around the houses in ripped jeans? #HeleneFischerShow".

But even a small Häme resonates like this Twitter user: "Florian sits on the couch and looks at his Helene Tattoo. #HeleneFischerShow". And this viewer notes: "Relationship number with
Olaf Schubert
after the separation from the silver ice. Exactly my humor. #HeleneFischerShow "The two have recreated a date on the stage in a restaurant, talked about the relationship between comedian Olaf Schubert, 51, and in the conversation over and over passing passages from love songs.

Towards the end of the song, Helene Fischer sings from the song "I Love Life" by
Vicky Leandros
, 66, the lines: "No. Don't worry about me. You know, I love life. And sometimes I also cried for you. It's over, sure."A hidden message to their fans? This Twitter user looked The whole thing is a bit critical: "Helene is just mocking the silver ride? #HeleneFischerShow". With the perfect separation of the former dream couple, this seems almost unthinkable.

Swiping at Michelle and Helene herself

But not only the love from Helene Fischer used the audience online. After the look of Fischer with pop singer Michelle (46) asked this Twitter user: "What happened to Michelle?
Gina Lisa
Now singing … #HeleneFischerShow "Something clearer This spectator tweeted: "Even in my fairy-tale light, it's less plastic than Michelle's #HeleneFischerShow's face. And a fan appealed to Fischer: "Dear Helene, never do anything in your face that Michelle has done to her, please! Never! #HeleneFisherShow".

The fact that the "Helene Fischer Show" is mainly about the pop singer should not come as a surprise. Nevertheless This spectator tweeted: "How she manages to really happen in each performance, and no matter how pointless. […] #HeleneFischerShow "On the singer himself interferes with this Twitter user: "With all" wholeheartedly "we drink a schnapps #HeleneFischerShow". Also her many outfits change Not just find enthusiasm: "As much as Helene Fischer changed, I didn't change my clothes all year round. #HeleneFischerShow".

Jan Böhmermann, Sophia Thomalla & Co. commented

The show show was also satirical
Jan Böhmermann
, 37, don't miss, which he announced via Twitter, For him, the "best places" include Helene Fischer's acrobatics number about two dinosaurs, "why can she do that?" Asked Böhmermann. In addition to the look of Philias Martinek (13), the actor's son
Sven Martinek
54, who sang a duet with Fischer. But "actually every minute is 1 HIGHLIGHT," said the 37-year-old and awarded "5/5 stars". At the end Böhmermann tweeted a GIFwhere Helene Fischer enthusiastically applauds. Ready announcement.

Actress and presenter
Sophia Thomalla
, 29, is known to have a special connection to Helene Fischer. The fans are still waiting for their promised Helene Fischer tattoo. Thomalla tweeted: "Watch the program and repair again what I can't do anything. #HeleneFischerShow". It can only be a Helene Fischer.

Fashion Looks

The style of Helene Fischer

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