The hawk and the Marvel winter soldier are getting a mini series and it is the Buddy Hero spinning off that we need

adminOctober 31, 2018

It seems that Captain America's comrades are finally getting their place in the spotlight. On Tuesday, October 30, it was reported that Marvel & # 39; s Falcon and Winter Soldier could get a limited series. According to Variety, the program, which would see Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan repeating his superhero roles for the small screen, will be written by Empire The writer Malcom Spellman is expected and, if picked up, find a home at Disney's next broadcast service. This is the first of the several limited series proposed by Marvel to attract a writer. (Variety They also reported that shows focusing on Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch are also in development.)

The news of a series of Falcon and Winter Soldier comes a few weeks after Marvel canceled two of its high-profile Netflix series, Iron fist Y Luke Cage. At the time, some fans speculated that the cancellations were part of Marvel's plans to move their programming to the Disney broadcast service; However, this new update seems to promise fans a totally new content, focused on the heroes and characters who know and love Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier are perfect examples of that trend, as both quickly became fan favorites after making their big-screen debut in the Captain America Stan Bucky Barnes appeared for the first time in 2011 Captain America the First Avenger as the charismatic best friend of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), who Hydra brainwashed him to become a murderer, The Winter Soldier. Mackie's character, a former soldier named Sam Wilson who befriends Steve when he adapts to live in the 21st century, made his debut in 2014. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And the dynamic between Sucky Bucky and Wisecracking Sam became one of the highlights of the third movie in the series, Captain America: Civil war.


In the film, the two developed a fun, passive and aggressive friendship after they were forced to work together, providing many of the movie's lighter moments. And while Marvel has not released any information about what fans can expect from a series of Falcon and Winter Soldier, the couple's shy and tentative friendship makes them the perfect candidates for a superhero comedy of friends.

A series of friends from Falcon-Winter Soldier would allow fans to learn more about the two superheroes, while offering a lighter and fun version of the heroic acts. And, if fans' reaction to the news is a test, that dynamic of "strange pair" is clearly one of those who have been waiting to see on screen for some time:

Playing with the dynamics of opposite attraction of Sam and Bucky in this new limited series would be an easy and entertaining way to inject a little more lightness into the universe of Marvel television, which is currently best known for its dark and gritty programs Netflix as Reckless, Jessica Jones Y The Punisher. And the MCU movies have also darkened, so it's no surprise that fans expect Marvel to add a bit of lightness to their repertoire.

Falcon and Winter Soldier have already demonstrated their ability to inject humor even in the most dramatic and intense moments. And allowing them to have fun with each other while fighting crime could be the perfect way to help add some balance to the darker side of the MCU.

Of course, a series derived from Falcon and Winter Soldier also raises some questions about the fate of Captain America in the next Avengers 4. In early October, Chris Evans sent a farewell message to his famous character after wrapping the production of the film, which led many fans to believe that the days of Captain America in the MCU are numbered. Since both Sam Wilson Y Bucky Barnes has taken over Captain America in the comics, this could be an indication that the limited series of the couple would focus on the two continuing after the death of his friend, or even competing to see who could take care of the. as the new captain.

It is impossible to know in which direction Marvel will choose to take these characters for their limited series, or even if both will survive Avengers 4 – but one thing is for sure: while Sam and Bucky have many opportunities to make fun of each other while hitting the bad guys, the fans will be delighted.

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