The hasty marriage of Justin Bieber points out "crisis"

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When Justin Bieber announced his commitment to Hailey Baldwin in July, the fervent Christian pop, once and troubled, became furious on Instagram about how he had finally found true happiness and "favor of the Lord."

Bieber, 24, not only married "the love of my life", but proclaimed that he was on the way to living the plan that God had established for him.

For Bieber, God had intervened for him and the 21-year-old model to meet again after they met in adolescence in 2009 and left earlier in 2016. During their time off from each other, they got together with other people. The case of Bieber, with Selena Gómez, with whom she had a tumultuous relationship between 2011 and last year.

"God's time really is literally perfect," Bieber declared in his publication about finding his way back to Baldwin. He said he believed that he and the model with long, blonde legs followed God's will. He quoted the Scriptures by saying that people should marry to benefit the individual and society.

"He who finds a wife finds something good and gets the FAVOR of the Lord," Bieber wrote. "This is the year of favor!"

But so far, the hopes of "the year of favor" may not be working.

That's partly because, according to reports, Bieber went ahead and married Baldwin in a secret ceremony on September 13 at the New York City Marriage Bureau. For friends, Bieber's whirlwind and marriage are not a sign of emotional health or stability, but evidence that it may be spiraling out of control, according to Page Six.

"I think he has an identity crisis going on," a source told Page Six.

According to Bieber's apparent marriage to Baldwin, friends have also worried about his other recent erratic behavior, according to Page Six and other media. There have been his emotional screams in public, his performance outside Buckingham Palace in London a week after the marriage reported, and his recent trembling and quivering appearance on a video while meeting with fans in Michigan. Bieber's team was taken by surprise by his decision to rush to marry Baldwin without signing a prenuptial agreement, added Page Six. Bieber has an estimated value of $ 265 million.

Bieber was especially disturbed since he heard the news last week that Gomez had suffered an emotional and health crisis related to his kidney transplant and his ongoing struggles with depression, and was receiving treatment at an undisclosed facility on the coast. This, according to Us Weekly.

Three times during the past week, Bieber has been photographed with a disheveled and emotional appearance.

People magazine reported Monday that Bieber still loves Gomez, even though he is married to someone else. "It's not over with Selena," a Miami music source told the publication.

"This was her first great love and while she was young and traveling around the world like a superstar, she learned a lot from her," the source added.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber arrive at the American Music Awards in 2011. VALERIE MACON / AFP / Getty Images)

But other media say that Bieber is not only feeling pressures for his new marriage, but for his decision to postpone the release of new music and for the infinite attention of being a celebrity.

"He has many things in his favor, but he does not feel complete," one of the informants told Us Weekly. The famous photography agency X17online, when recording Bieber and Baldwin leaving a lunch on Friday, reported that "the pop star seems to be going in the same direction" as Gómez.

Bieber's recent behavior has also led friends to wonder if he has replaced his past from a hard-partying lifestyle, which apparently included serious drug use and acts of vandalism, a visit to a brothel and an arrest for DUI in 2014, with a new addiction to God and religion, page six added.

A friend, the tattoo artist based in New York City, Jon Boy, told Page Six that Bieber's turn to religion has been a good thing. "It has come a long way," said Jon Boy, who recently inked the singer and Baldwin. "It's amazing how much has changed and what God has done."

But another friend sees Bieber's turn to religion as something exaggerated, and not necessarily in a healthy way. "He found restitution through his religion and faith, and that's where he became super addicted to the churches," the friend said on page six. "He is super in the church [and] The study of the Bible and that's also Hailey's thing. "

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber / Instagram)

It is possible that Baldwin capitalizes his shared interest in religion to attract Bieber and make him propose. The two officially became an article in 2016, but then they canceled it after about seven months. Bieber and Gómez, meanwhile, rekindled their relationship in the fall of 2017 but things ended in March.

But Page Six reported that Baldwin was never ready to give up Bieber, even when he was trying to get back to Gomez.

"(Baldwin) was super obsessed with him," a friend of Baldwin told Page Six. "Justin was trying to get back with Selena and (Baldwin) could not get over that, she would not talk to other guys, she would not date other guys, she would not give other guys the time of day."

"She wanted to (put) very well out there that she was religious, I think, just to hook her (Bieber)," the friend added to page six.

In a new interview with Harper & # 39; s Bazaar, Baldwin seemed very satisfied with the current situation of his life.


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