The hair clips that will be trend this 2019

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Melenas XXL

Although everything points to the fact that melenas XXL tend to be cut, the truth is that this 2019 also has a place. The extra-long men seem to be fashionable, in all its versions: from more careless hair to several straight cuts. Yes,
the Spanish stylists
Eduardo Sánchez, ensuring that these men succeed, we must add them "Curtains and gradients that give much movement". Dakota Johnson has already joined this style.

Dakota Johnson, extra long hair and bangs
Dakota Johnson, extra long hair and bangs

& # 39; Long Pixie & # 39;

If something seems clear to stylists, it is this year in general, the men are going to be shorter. Let's say goodbye to the men by height below the chest, we will go through extra long hair or trends like that "Long Pixie", a short haircut, but with a long, smooth jacket to look with this man as they already do Emilia Clarke or Cara Delevingne.

The long and worn bangs are the key to this hairstyle. "We make many models already running campaigns for next year", account María Baras, creative director of Salón Madrileño Cheska.

"Blunt cut"

The actor Mila Kunis he said goodbye to his moons under his shoulders with this cut that gets more fame. & # 39;Blunt cut will be the big winner of the year, a straight cut that can move from the jaw to the collar bone. it "Blunt cut" or the classic ultra-smooth mane with a strip in the middle It's a formal but bold cut. "Smooth slippery socks will be a trend, adapt them, yes to our hair type and the shape of our face. It's a very French style that has been seen a lot on the catwalk. Smooth, linear, clean, very elegant. ", Tell us Expert of Cheska. also Alba Díaz He's aiming for this quick cut.

Mila Kunis is wearing one
Mila Kunis is wearing a "dull cut" cut

"Blunt we cut"

It's the same cut as "Blunt cut" but this time with bang. Yes, if something has been clear to us, it is that the forehead will win in 2019. Cut as embossed Taylor Swift in his time more grunge& # 39 ;, a very informal and structured look as if you were wearing wet hair. The key to this hairstyle is extra long bang and open in the middle.

Taylor Swift in his time more grunge wearing an extralargo bangs.
Taylor Swift in his time more grunge wearing an extralargo bangs.

Fringes come back and of all kinds:

Straight taste

Ultra straight fringe also in the longest manners, as the stylist suggested Eduardo Sánchez

Half hair with bangs

The key to the bites Be natural over your eyebrows and capee the tips for creating volume. Aitana knows what we're talking about.

Long Bangs

The edge is consolidated as one of must have 2019 and especially in long ways. "They will see especially curtain-like and very carefree", as it also confirms Cristina Pérez, creative head of Divinité Salon.

But the more straight, thick, light or curtain type, the bang will be the perfect touch to make us feel different. Rejuvenates and gives a flattering look to any queue or pickup. In addition "It's the fastest way to renew the look without giving up our hair!" Says Diana Daureo.

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