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Ariana Grande has had her share of ups and downs during the last year and a half, so we fully understand why the pop star is taking the time she so badly needs.

As many of you know, this last year and a half has not been easy for Ariana Grande, 25. The pop star has suffered a heartbreaking loss, a sad break and a horrible tragedy in a very short period of time. No wonder he has decided to retire from several public appearances to take a moment to heal his broken heart. So we wanted to dig deeper and get an idea of ​​what Ariana might be going through during this difficult period of her life. Hollywoodlife He spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Dr. Danielle Forshee, a licensed clinical psychologist and social worker, who told us that beauty is likely to experience the "survivor's fault".

The Grammy-nominated star has not only been suffering since the recent death of her ex, Mac Miller, on September 7, but she was also surrounded by horror during the Manchester bombings last year. "It's not surprising that Ariana has rejected some public appearances considering that she has been exposed to some traumas," Dr. Forshee explained. "Every time someone close to us dies, especially by suicide (intentional or accidental) or a life-threatening event (such as bombing), those close to the individual who died and those exposed to the physical threat of death (bombing ) typically experience the survivor's guilt. "Even over time, it has not been so easy for the singer of" God Is a Woman "to process what she and her fans went through on May 22, 2017, when they detonated bombs outside their concert at the Manchester Arena Twenty-two innocent people died and 139 more were injured in the horrific attack, carried out by a suicide bomber. Salman Ramadan Abedi. "The survivor's fault is experienced by someone who has survived an incident in which others died and can create persistent emotional stress over time," Dr. Forshee described. "In general, for someone who has suffered more than one trauma, they are likely to have more intense symptoms."

"In addition to the guilt of the survivor that Ariana may be experiencing, she may also be fighting the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder," Dr. Forshee continued. "The guilt and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder for survivors can create anguish to the point where they have difficulty concentrating and concentrating on work, social situations or other areas of their lives where they never had a problem before" . affected Ariana's emotional well-being and may even have been a factor in breaking her commitment to Pete Davidson After only four months. "It seems that Ariana may have been able to satisfy her immediate emotional needs in her relationship with Pete Davidson at a time when she most needed it, although it is likely that the benefits she received were masking the struggles that were happening." Below the surface for Ariana .

"This happens very often when people tend to gravitate towards the comfort of company and relationships when they feel empty or experience negative emotions or thoughts inside and do not know any other way to feel good. The cancellation of Pete's commitment may come at a moment after the dust has settled in her relationship with him, where she is realizing that she needs to focus on healing herself, "Dr. Forshee explained. What do you recommend about Ariana's healing? "Surrounding yourself with your strong inner circle of friends and support is essential." Take some time to feel compassion for the fact that we are human and that the human mind can not do anything in relation to trauma, "he said." Many people tend not to seek treatment or support from those around them because of a faulty belief system that seeks help equals weakness. "This is simply not the case when it comes to exposure to trauma because, when we are exposed to trauma, our brain begins to process the world differently and we must learn how to handle the new way our brain processes things. " And the conclusion is that "it would be very important, especially after being exposed to two separate traumas, for Ariana to seek professional help from a qualified mental health counselor in the area of ​​trauma."


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