The government agency responds to charges of fraud against its parents

adminNovember 27, 2018

Rain Company has issued an official statement on the allegations of fraud against Rains parents.

Recently, a post titled "Singer Rains parents has not refunded the money they have borrowed from my parents and have disappeared," occurred in a social networking community.

According to the post, netizen stated that their parents ran a rice store and that Rains parents ran a risk store in Seoul's Yong Moon Market in 1988. Netizen claimed, "they [Rain’s parents] borrow 17 million won (about $ 15,000) worth of rice and 8 million won (about $ 7000) in cash. We asked them to repay the money, but they bothered that they suffered from difficulties and did not pay us back. "

Netizen also uploaded a copy of a promise letter and added, "My parents are now over 50 years old. I have written to Rain and tried to contact him, but I have not succeeded. The time to sue has gone and I have nor the opportunity to take legal matters either. Repeat the money, even if it is now. "

On November 27, a source from its agency, Rain Company, said in a press release: "Hi, this is Rain Company. We request understanding for the late release of our official statement in order to verify the truth and respond carefully to the problem."

The agency expressed: "We are currently in the process of finding out if what has been said is accurate. As what the other side claims has to do with [Rain’s] mother who is dead, we will quickly meet the involved and control the existence of the debt and will do our best to make a decision. "

The charges against Rain parents are not the only parents of celebrities who have been accused of fraud. Dok2 responded recently to charges of fraud against his mother. Microdot's parents are currently under investigation to flee from the country after borrowing money from friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

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