The government account offended and seriously offended two journalists

adminDecember 28, 2018

Recently, from a Twitter account to the IDEA, the Institute for the Development of Antioquia, a twist toward Álvaro Uribe, and for this, the institute had to go out to apologize.

One problem would be socially responsible for the Twitter account of the Institute for Development of Antioquia, the most important of the Governorate for that department, for a drill who escaped him and it probably went from the private account, but it was from institutional one.

Well before a trumpet of senator in democratic center, Álvaro Uribe, where he shared information on what happened in Indonesia, with the tsunami days ago, the IDEA account reacted in a not very correct way.


Well, whoever is in trouble, is responsible for the institutional account for notary public and registration, which in his Twitter account published strong insults against journalists Daniel Coronell and Julián Martínez.

The rudeness brushed the insult and insulted the two communicators, and this led to controversy on Twitter.

Well after the claims came to the official version of the device that promised corrective and apologized, who did not leave very happy users of the social network, who said they should know who was the one who posted the messages.

Because of this, a witch hunt has started to find out who published this.

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