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adminDecember 31, 2018

In a radio interview with Howard Stern, the actor revealed one of the funniest and most embarrassing anecdotes she experienced because of marijuana use during Ellen DeGeneer's birthday.

According to the protagonist of the successful saga "The Hunger Games" everything happened on the birthday of Ellen DeGeneres, who at that time celebrated 60 years. Lawrence ended up smoking marijuana because, despite his desire to leave, his companion was not yet ready to leave the event. The actor decided to wait to smoke a little with rappers. What she didn't trust was that the type of herb used was something unknown to her.

"I came into another universe and then I went to the bathroom to urinate, but there was a woman waiting and she said," Come in, you come in ", but I told her she was first and she replied me again to come in, as i did, but then i thought – she wants to point – i went to the bathroom, i went straight to her and said, "Hey, you have to cut," said Lawrence, who concluded that to Finally, let everyone laugh at the accident, especially at the moment when, without realizing it, she started shaking the woman at the shoulders while shouting that she had to crush.

The Oscar winner has had to learn to control the alcohol consumption of parties, since in several interviews she has admitted that when she crosses the boundaries, she usually quits vomiting in front of someone.

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