The former WWE superstar threatens John Cena and calls him out

adminNovember 24, 2018

Former superstar Alex Riley believes that John Cena had a hand in derailing his career, and has not finished with him.

There have been many rumors and many stories about how John Cena has helped or hindered the wrestling careers of many WWE superstars. It is very difficult to know what is true in the world of professional wrestling, but that has not stopped some from clinging to grudges or disputes. That is the case at the moment, since Alex Riley not only calls John Cena to social networks, but he is also threatening him.

For a while, Alex Riley seemed to be the next superstar of NXT and WWE. He participated in some pretty big stories on the main list and finally ended up on NXT before being released in May 2016.

In an episode of The ross report since last year, Riley told Jim Ross that there was an incident with John Cena that changed his entire career as a wrestler. In fact, he referred to Cena as "The face that runs through the place," although he did not reveal all the details.

"Let me put it this way … here was an incident and it certainly changed the path of my career, I do not want to talk about it now, but I'm sure someday I'll do it, I'll do it some day, sometimes it was a difficult situation, I think that we can leave it that way … and, honestly, JR, I struggle with the morality of even talking about it, I'm not going to exploit anyone else at this moment, but I promise you this, I will surely approach it one day. a difficult situation. "

That episode of the Jim Ross podcast was January 2017, and it seems that Riley has not yet overcome the whole thing. Wrestling inc. I noticed a couple of posts on Instagram from Alex Riley that have it legitimately calling Cena.

Riley makes comments in some of his publications, with subtitles, "Hasta luego" or "Hasta mí", which refer to the slogan "You can not see me" by John Cena. However, it is Riley's most recent publication in which many realize that he is not only pushing the bear, but actually calling and threatening the former WWE champion.

During his time on the WWE Main List, Riley was both in Monday night raw Y Slap. He had meetings with renowned stars such as The Miz, Randy Orton, Christian, Stone Cold, Steve Austin and, of course, Cena. Riley even competed in a Money in the bank Stair match and a WWE Championship tournament, but did not end up winning.

For now, the story behind the "incident" with John Cena remains a secret. One day, Riley could really reveal the story, and he would not be completely out of left field if WWE brought him back and turned it into a story. For now, he is resorting to threatening Cena on social networks and is seeing if the legend will answer his call.

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