The former producer of Seda Sayan spoke for the first time!

adminDecember 28, 2018

Mülayim, formerly employed by Seda Sayan, claimed that she banned her because amaz she went to Friday prayers amaz during her work in Channel D. So a woman, "I have taken out my headgear, send it", he was mixed up !, the main counterparts of the event, that is, the Seda Sayan channel channel producer and production team reached the time. The parties refused both Mülayim and the woman who said "Seda Sayan has removed the headwear Taraf!

Dilek Dağcıoğlu, producer and director of the program in question, said in a statement to Sinan Güzel:

"I say with ease Seda Sayan, to allow me to pray every Friday until the prayer was even support. We are witnessing this as a team. As for the skull, we all remember this period, but we don't have to go too much in detail, but Seda Sayan has definitely not disturbed anyone like that, nor anything at all, but he personally helped all the victims with the surroundings.


The closest witnesses to the event were, of course, the production team. At that time, the construction group of Channel D prepared the internal production program as follows:

Oyu Worldwide, servers for backstage are served, and the production team takes care of the audience and guests and makes the studio clear. And then ours was. Seda Sayan saw the moment when the guests and the audience started broadcasting. Previously, no one was involved in clothing or preferences.

The dark core was a very good person. But after marriage, he was cut off from work discipline. At that time, anyone working in Channel D knows that the allegations of unethical behavior are said a lot, although some of the events have been our friends. The recruiting and removing staff, of course, had a saying, but because we are internal construction, everyone was ultimately connected to the channel administration, and the final decision was theirs. She had let Mizeil go to Friday prayers and even helped her in many ways. The reason he was dismissed was that he had to leave some unethical behavior and work discipline that we did not want to pronounce. In fact, the wife wrote to the Mülayim brain, the summer of Seda the letter to the lady and apologized to the channel itself.

The head scarf is a lie. Seda Sayan, the front of the broadcast, can't get out of the studio to prove that people are involved in clothing. On the contrary, we have made the "Head-fashion exhibition" in the program ık biz

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