The Flash season 5, summary of episode 3, review: The Death of Vibe

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Beware, Cisco Ramon, because "The Death of Vibe" sounds like bad news to you.

Now that the great evil of this season of The flash He has made his presence felt, it is not likely that a week goes by without him being right in the thick of things. The problem that Team Flash has is that nobody knows much about Cicada.

Except that Nora West-Allen might know something, or she really looked like this last week.

The Flash season 5, summary of episode 3: "The Death of Vibe"

Let's take a look at the Flash Museum in the year 2032. Nora says there was a part of the museum that always scared her and, of course, it was the cicada. In the present, she has bad news: Flash never caught him. Neither did Supergirl, the Legends or the League. Hey that league Insert emoji thinking face here. Worse still, it's early, because in Cicada it has appeared too early, historically speaking. Nora says she has a plan, surprising Iris.

The elongated man thwarts a robbery with a guy who handles a high-tech weapon with solar energy of some kind. Meanwhile, Nora's plan is to use a Harrison Wells to catch Cicada, but which one? First they test the German Wells of the Harrisons Council, and although Cisco does not like the idea, it turns out to be nice and helpful, suggesting that other Wells help. Harrison "Sherlock" Wells at your service.

While sharpening his dagger of lightning, Cicada sure is looking at the photos of Vibe very much …

Sherloque, as it is written, seems to be the real one, and in a rather funny sequence, shows a quick and very observant study, discovering some details that we did not even know (Iris has a tattoo that she covered with an old lover?). However, he is not working for free, and while Team Flash agrees to pay his fees, Sherloque and Ralph do not do it exactly. Ralph goes to help Caitlin face her mother, who quickly dismisses her daughter when asked about her father. However, Ralph is confident that he is lying.

It turns out that Detective Wells discovered something important immediately, revealing that Cicada is a man named David Hersch. Or he is: although the house that they check Flash and XS has explosive traps, which forces dad to save his daughter, catch the boy who flees too easily. And that sounds like Cicada stalking Joe West. Oh darling.

Look, Barry knows what happens. He is not sure that Hersch is the right man, despite the fact that he is Cicated in comics. We see that he is right when Cicada confronts Joe in search of Vibe, and when Joe does not call the hero, Cicada knocks him out, or so it seems.

Meanwhile, in the other plot of the show, Caitlin and Ralph return and enter their mother's office at night. They find what appears to be a suicide note, which deepens the mystery surrounding their father.

Another turn also comes. Sherloque explains that the reason he was so sure that Cicada was Hersch is that he had already caught Cicada in another 37 Lands, and it was always Hersch at all times. So what is different on Earth-1? Maybe Nora messes with the timeline, says Iris. Undeterred, Nora wants to throw Earth-1 Hersch into the Pipeline until he speaks, and when Barry says no, she speeds up in a sigh. You're punished, young lady!

The current cicada is not going anywhere threatening the tied Joe, who firmly refuses to be the bait to attract Vibe. So the bad guy begins to shoot him with a red beam from his dagger. How does one do it?

Because Barry has not had anything to regret yet, he now blames himself for Nora's obsession with Hersch and Cicada. Iris explains that Nora feels very guilty, and almost has more to assume when it seems that Sherloque evaporated on the Pipeline (actually he is fine, and faked his death to avoid returning him to the Flash Team). Everyone goes conveniently so that Barry and Nora can have this week's Big Talk ™, which mostly comes down to him telling him to think before acting.

Ralph apologizes to Caitlin for pushing her to discover her father's suicide note, but she says there's no reason to say she's sorry, because he helped her close.

The situation in the house of the West is complicated when Cecile wakes up and finds her husband in a difficult situation. Although he can hear Joe's thoughts telling him not to ask for help because that's what Cicada wants, he panics when the villain hears the baby crying and presses the panic button on his phone. Vibe arrives first, but Cicada attacks him again through his breach a fraction of a second before Flash arrives.

Although Sherloque is actually useful to find the forest where Vibe has been transported, it is not fast enough to prevent him from feeling the cicada's dagger. The flash appears and immediately drains his speed, which gives him a beating of Cicada. But after thinking about it for a second, XS has an idea that involves one of the powers of the Pipeline. Yes, it helps to bring down the villain, but when he throws it to Vibe to use it alone, the villain hits him back and an explosion appears that seems to evaporate to Cisco. The cicada shows some crazy jumps jumping a crazy distance upwards, apparently bleeding, and we soon learn that Vibe is fine. Nora really saved the day, as it turns out. Huzzah!

As Team Flash regroups, we discover that Wells is staying. In addition, Barry and Iris invite Nora to move in with them, which she reluctantly accepts.

However, there is still a mystery to be solved, and it involves the notes that Caitlin's father left behind. Although those notes seem nonsense, there is actually a hidden code in them, one that explains in detail "CAITLIN COME FIND ME". And who is the guy who looks at Caitlin on a lot of screens? MONITOR, IS THAT YOU?

Joe has his own eureka moment, telling Cecile that he believes that Cicada is a father. That's in the money, and although a doctor tells him he needs to stop, he says he can not "until he's finished." Then, kiss a girl in a coma on the forehead.

End time of the scene: Sherloque wants to talk to Nora, asking if he made the decision to hit the satellite with his father on his own. He laughs, but his expression when she walks away suggests that he touched a nerve, and his serious look reinforces that idea. Intriguing.

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Final thoughts

Look, nobody really thought Cisco was a goner given the title of the episode, but the writers did a good job at least making it seem like a possibility. The mystery of the cicada deepened, and we got our first confirmation that Nora's presence in the present (heh) has had some consequences, which only make sense. Sherloque Wells is also a fun addition to the mix, or it could be as long as you have more layers to peel.

Still, by far, the most significant events of this episode are the somber figure that Caitlin looks at and the bit at the end. They can be very well connected and can be linked to this year's crossroads too, which would be a very exciting aspect.

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