The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Blocked

adminOctober 17, 2018

This The flash revision contains spoilers.

The Flash Season Episode 2

First, a confession. I should have given the episode last week. The flash five stars. I do not know why I threw that half. Maybe he was just tired or something. I just needed to get that out of my chest. I can lie to myself about any number of things, but I can not lie to you, the readers.

Ahem … anyway …

"Blocked" obtained immediate points from the door for that mysterious and atmospheric opening that completes the introduction of the cicada from the end of "Nora." It was great to see that Gridlock did not completely collapse without a fight, and then immediately establish that Cicada is also just, well, some kind, actually a bit of a chilling factor. I hope they make fun of scenes like this throughout the season. They remind me of the spooky jokes of BTK we received during (the horrible, the endless) Mind hunter. I am so depressed by a supervillain version with Cicada, and can run with this for half a season for everything that matters to me.

However, I am absolutely surprised at how good Jessica Parker Kennedy is like Nora. The scenes of his label along with Barry as a "CSI intern" could have been really challenging, and they were not. Nora's sincerity is contagious, and while "the whole future fish out of water" has been killed everywhere (even in Supergirl), it is still fun to see this play. I also do not like to get tired of listening to her say "schway", which is fun regardless of the context.

The Ralph / Caitlin / Cisco stuff in this episode felt like a distraction, and for me it's hard to invest in things like "Ralph gives advice on relationships" (keep in mind that I'm far from being an enemy of Ralph) or "Cisco Pines for a true "great character who only made a handful of appearances on this show." But these things had as much screen time as they deserved (read: not much) and lightened the mood without feeling like a complete detour of everything that mattered in the episode, hell, I did not even care about blocking that much.

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It took me until the end of the episode to get the parallel between Caitlin's search for her father and Nora's desire to impress hers. Caitlin is a great character, and I've spent so much time bothering her over the last year because of the Killer Frost / Amunet Black nonsense that was imposed on me that I could have been unconsciously holding that against her. My mistake. Danielle Panabaker has been such an integral part of the cast's unique chemistry from the beginning, and when she has good material to work with (as she did this week) it's a good sign for the overall program.

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The word I used the most in my comments from last season was probably "balance". Specifically, the show never found it. He was too light, almost as if he were giggling nervously to cover the fact that he was not doing homework, and he rarely organized two good episodes in a row. We've already broken that streak this week, because "Blocked" uses his humor wisely (I got my biggest laugh from Joe nodding wisely while Barry ventured with Nora's enthusiasm and ambition), uses his disposable villain to advance the main story in Rotate the narrative wheels.

But especially I'm digging the way they used Cicada to hang the episode. I like the vibration of the horror movie in their music, the fact that they almost do not speak a line of dialogue, and the creepy noise of the insects they are with. I do not know what the context is for that last bit, and he is definitely different from his comic book counterpart, but so far, all goes well with this season's big problem.

Actually, wait, I just remembered why I deduced that half star last week … it's because of Cecile and her powers. Not for Danielle Nicolet, which I think is brilliant. And certainly not by Cecile herself, a character I've loved since her introduction. But because this "My powers are still here / I'm losing my powers!" Things are graying, and it feels like a hangover from the fourth season. Hopefully this will not last.

Flash data!

– Then, we meet Chris Klein's mysterious villain, Cicada tonight. This is a character who has only made a few appearances in DC Comics. It was created by Geoff Johns and Scott Kollins in 2001 as a villain by Wally West. But if you want more details, you will only have to read the entire long article that I wrote about him.

– I really do not have anything in Block, but its trick of "compressing your enemies into a super-dense tissue cube" is probably the most horrible thing we've ever seen in this program. Although someone else got the "shields of David Lynch & # 39; s Dune"vibrate your powers?

– Any episode in which Flash does the trick of tornadoes to break the fall of something is a good episode. OK, that's not strictly true, but it's true in this case.

– Note that Cisco knows how to pronounce Mjolnir correctly. Of course he does.

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