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adminNovember 23, 2018

Oh, we can not wait to see this! Disney presented the first trailer of the live action of the beloved animated classic "The Lion King" this Thanksgiving, and we believe it will make you roar!

Disney has just released the first trailer for its highly anticipated Lion King The new version of live-action, and we could not think of a better way to limit our Thanksgiving! In the nearly 90 second clip, we see an adorable baby Simba and we hear Mufasa give his son that infamous speech about staying out of the shadows. Then, we see a stampede in the valley, and for anyone who has seen the original movie, you know that this is the most heartrending moment to decorate a Disney movie.

For the live-action remake, James Earl Jones He returns as Mufasa and the newcomers join him. Donald glover (Simba), Seth rogen (Pumba), Billy eichner (Rudder), John Oliver (Zazu), and Beyoncé (Nala) The new movie is ready to fall in the summer of 2019! 2019 will also feature modern re-imaginations of two other beloved Disney animated films, in the forms of Tim Burton& # 39; S Dumbo Y Guy Ritchie& # 39; S Aladdin.

In the past, singer. Elton John He reviewed his new music for the film, as he will again lend his voice to the film, just as he did with the original. "It will be very exciting when it comes out," Elton said in March. "We're writing a new song for her and it's the gift she keeps giving." The original animated movie, then the musical and now the Jon Favreau movie … it's going to be absolutely amazing. "

We can not wait for this to be published! Look at the new trailer above.

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