The first pictures of the funeral of the Lebanese Amal Hamada

adminNovember 28, 2018

The funeral of Lebanese comedian Amal Hamada was held Wednesday afternoon at the funeral of Lebanese comedian Amal Hamada, where she died at the age of 41 after having had a blow.

The funeral of Amal Hamada

The funeral of Amal Hamadas funeral to its last resting place

The funeral process went off in front of a house Amal Hamada To a mosque in Nabatiyeh, and the funeral prayer was held to spread to its last resting place, and her family received condolences from worshipers and fans of the late artist who was free of any famous artistic artifacts.

The body of Amal Hamada inside the mosque

It's worth mentioning that comic book Amal Hamada Has earned great fame when she appeared on a television program once, and said her famous phrase that caused one of the most famous faces of Media Media: "Exhausted Men", and then become a guest of the programs.

Amal Hamada Funeral Prayer

Amal Hamadas deaths died

Amal Hamada Was born in 1976, announcing her cousin yesterday, the news of her death at the age of 41, after a stroke, through her account on Twitter, expresses sadness and not understanding the matter.

And he cried Amal Hamada A large number of stars and stars are among them Elissa, Asala, Nadine Al-Rassi, Anabella Hilal, Nassif Zaitoun, Maggie Bou Ghosn and Ruwaida Attieh And others, and everyone expressed their sadness for the departure of one of the most true artists according to their description.

Amal Hamada

Wish Hamada before her death

After the death of Amal Hamada There were some reports that her family suffered from stroke. Three of her brothers had died for the same reason before. Amal had hoped at previous meetings that she would die without knowing or suffering from a disease.

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