The first picture with the man who made his mother Mădălina Pamfile

adminDecember 26, 2018

The mystery was highlighted. The man who made Madalina Pamfile and offered him a family accepted to appear next to the former TV nurse in a picture on social networks. So far, the brunette has been very careful about what she publishes for fans and friends, leaving only part of her family life, her mother involved, not her lover. But for Christmas, Mădălina Pamfile and her boyfriend sat like a happy couple with two children, a little girl and a little boy, both of whom looked like the quest with the brunette partner.

Mădălina Pamfile Christianized her little girl three months ago

The star was born naturally in Spain, the country that lives and her child's father, almost half a year ago. At the end of September, Mădălina Pamfile published a picture of her girlfriend with her little girl, but she preferred not to reveal her face.

Madalina pamfile beloved girlzoom

Little Madalina the Pamphile, in her father's arms

But now he decided to give his face to his face and not to hide his beloved man.

Maddalena's life Pamphile can always be the subject of a telenovela. Named "Radu Mazares student", because of his relationship with the ex-mayor of Constanta, the 25-year-old brunette became a girl's mother on July 9 and since then her whole life has changed.

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