The first names unveiled at Les Ardentes in Liège for the latest edition on the Coronmeuse page

adminNovember 29, 2018

Following the sale of 2,000 "Very Early Bird" passes that have been sold in less than a weekend, a new wave of sales will be launched on Friday at 11.00. This is again a pass for the four days, "Early Bird" this time at 120 and 140 euros, depending on whether one chooses camping or not. These prices are valid until December 23 at midnight or while stocks last.

The 13th edition of Ardentes will take place from 4 July to 7 2019, on the Coronmeuse side in Liège. Among the first names announced Thursday is Hocus Pocus, which comes back on July 6th. "Exclusive Belgian! The legendary hip-hop band with jazz, soul and funk returns back after a long break of Greem and 20syl to C2C and Allga projects", Emphasize the organizers.

"The Terrible Kids" by Columbine Collective will perform at Les Ardentes on July 4th after dedication and yellowing of their new album "Goodbye soon" while English Scarlxrd will edit "gender codes by integrating metallic, gothic and japanese references to a survitaminated trapJuly 5 at Wallifornia Beach.

Hugo TSR (member of TSR Crew), Dosseh and RK, as "exploded streaming platforms
"At the beginning of the school year with his first album Insolent, will be in Liège on 5, 6 and 7 July. The first headlines should be communicated before the turn of the year.

Latest edition on the Coronmeuse website in Liège

While we have long talked about the possible latest edition of Ardentes on the Coronmeuse website, it is now a certainty. The 2019 edition (4th to 7th of July) at the festival will be the last at this place, we learned Thursday with the organization while the first name was unveiled.

The Les Ardentes festival will not be able to take place on the Coronmeuse website due to the project of the environmental district, which will be implemented there. In fact, the start of the work is announced for September 2019, just after the next edition.

This eco-neighborhood will include around 1300 homes as well as various features. In June, the Walloon government approved the construction of new exhibition halls, which will pass from Coronmeuse to Bressoux, thus giving impetus to this important environmental project in Liège.

Ardentene must therefore find shelter elsewhere in 2020. "Several ways are considered," says one side of the organization. If the priority is to hold the festival in Liège, we do not rule out the possibility of setting it outside Liège at a location in a nearby municipality that will fulfill the requirements related to the organization of such an event.

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