The first look of Batwoman from Arrow-verse shows the best suit of the franchise so far

adminOctober 9, 2018


As strangely entertaining as it was to see the various ArrowThe adverse characters face the evil Nazi versions of themselves in the mega crossover "Crisis on Earth-X" last year, this year's multiple show even sounds even more fantastic. For this will be the introduction of the spectators not only to The CW & # 39; s Gotham City, but also to Ruby Rose & # 39; s Batwoman. You can see his first full look below, and I think most will agree that this is the Arrow-the best supersuit of the version yet.

Everything about this image looks in line with everything I had hoped to see from Batwoman's first foray into modern live-action television. Of course, a mostly black suit like this will be automatically polished, which helps Batman look smoother than all the other superheroes. (Hot bat-take). But it's easy to forget the name of Bruce Wayne after taking a look at Kate Kane in all her glory as Batwoman. Get this woman her own television show!

It is easy to say that the various producers and executives of the different shows wanted Batwoman to resemble her comic as much as possible, and have achieved (two) colors of flight. Your hair looks great. The hood looks very good. The emblem of the big bat on the chest looks very good. The belt looks very good. And I can already say that I'm going to be a little angry if DC does not start selling those layers of Batwoman in stories.

Unfortunately, Batwoman's journey to The CW has not been the quietest, as some fans rebelled against Kate Kane for being a lesbian (although she is also a lesbian in comics), allegedly causing Ruby Rose to leave the networks social for a while. I hope that this first look at the character's outfit crushes anybody's complaints.

Things will look a little different for this year's big edition. Arrow-verse, and I'm not only talking about visiting Gotham City for the first time. (But boy, I'm excited about that). This will be the first year since its debut that Legends of tomorrow it will not be a factor in the team's adventure. Especially because there are many actors and characters in Legends That makes it difficult to schedule everything. But I think part of this is also that Ray Palmer would end up meeting with Lucius Fox and going through the whole talking shop.

Everybody ArrowThe previous shows will premiere this week, beginning with The flash Tuesday, October 9 at 8:00 p.m. But you can see Batwoman making her debut when the crossover event starts at The CW on Sunday, December 9. To see what other programs are showing up on the small screen soon, head over to our TV premiere calendar.


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