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adminOctober 24, 2018

Ariana Grande is having a very difficult time now that she and Pete Davidson have separated, but fortunately, her friends and family have rushed to rescue her. This is how they are helping!

Ariana Grande He is only 25 years old, but he has already gone through more than his fair share of traumatic events during a lifetime. First, there was a terrifying bombing at her concert in Manchester in May 2017. Then, the tragic overdose of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller in September 2018. And earlier this month, the end of their commitment to Pete Davidson. Undoubtedly, there is much that a person can experience, and considering that all this happened in the space of less than two years, it is not surprising to know EXCLUSIVELY that his suffering forms a "broken heart".

"Ariana has been really fighting emotionally since she separated from Pete, she does everything she can to be strong, but this is certainly one of the most difficult moments of her life because she does not just have to deal with the end of a love story very intense, dealing with all his emotions about the death of Mac, "said a source close to the singer. Hollywoodlife. We can only imagine how much pain Ariana must be at this moment. Fortunately for Ariana, she has a very close circle of friends and an incredibly devoted family and our source says that everyone has intervened to raise her.

"Her friends and family have been gathering around her, she has not been alone at all since she and Pete separated, friends have stayed with her and her grandmother (Marjorie Grande) has left everything to be by her side and take care of her while she faces her broken heart. Ariana is surrounded by love at this moment, everyone in her life makes sure that she overcomes this, "said our source, we are so happy that Ariana has so much support at this time, she definitely needs it.

Another thing that we are happy to hear is that Ariana has just announced on Twitter that she is ready to tour again. When a fan sent a Tweet asking the pop star about a possible Sweetener Tour, Ariana replied. "I'm ready, my heart really needs it, finishing some more things, but I'm trying to get appointments for you as soon as possible." Great plan, Ariana, a tour and a time with all your incredible fans could be exactly what you need to cure your broken heart.

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